The Top 10 Items All Frequent Flyers Need

If you are a frequent flyer, there are a few things you know already that can make your life more convenient. These include checking in ahead of time to skip the queue, checking the seat numbers, etc. You probably already know all the airport laws and what you need to keep in your carry on. You probably also already know how annoying travelling can be when you are not prepared. If you are embarking on a job that requires you to travel, this list can help you prepare.

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10 Must-have Items for Frequent Flyers

1. Travel organizer

While you are travelling, one of the most important factors that come into play is your organizational skills. With all the different items you need to pack, it can be hard to keep a track of the important stuff. Some items that you need to have at hand include your keys, passport, cards, phone and charger etc. While most people cram stuff into their carry-on luggage, this makes it hard to retrieve them as needed. We all know the hassle of untangling a pair of headphones or finding a pen when needed. When you’re a frequent flyer, organization can ensure that you skip all that. With a good organizer, you can keep everything in its place, secured during the trip.

2. An eye mask

If you want to sleep during the trip, you will need to have a good eye mask. The eye mask should be able to block all the light out. Some eye masks can also come with cooling elements that can prevent the dreaded puffiness and irritation around your eyes and ensure that your eye is hydrated and feels calm even after a long flight.

3. A good neck pillow

If you’re going anywhere that needs more than 3 hours on the flight you need a neck pillow. A neck pillow is probably one of the most important items for a frequent flyer. These provide crucial neck support so that you don’t have to crane your neck at a weird angle. However, these can be pretty bulky. With a bit of research, you can find something that is at a lower weight range and is comfortable. Added features like neck massage options can also be a good investment.

4. Portable Charger

Let’s be real, we can’t survive without our smart gadgets in the modern world, especially while travelling. One of the worst things that can happen while travelling is running out of battery on your phone. If you are a fan of blocking out the chaos with music, this is a recurring nightmare. Not only this, but while you are travelling, it may be hard to find charging points. This can be nerve-wrecking, especially if you have a business call or are delayed in reaching the destination. If you are facing any delays and have run out of charge, a portable charger is a lifesaver. Look for something with a bigger capacity if you anticipate needing multiple charges for your phone.

5. Noise Canceling Headphones

Flights can get pretty annoying at times. As much as you may think toddlers and kids are adorable, confined spaces and kids simply don’t mix. When you are flying frequently to places, you will encounter all sorts of noises. Block everything out, from temper tantrums of kids, obnoxious snorers, lovers’ quarrels and more with noise-cancelling headphones. Just test out the noise cancellation factor beforehand and experience calming and relaxing trips with your favorite music.

6. Travel Lock System

One of the main concerns while you are travelling is that of the safety of your belongings. Investing in a portable travel lock can ensure that people don’t come into your room during your absence. This can help ensure your valuables and documents stay safe without any possibility of theft. These keys are easy to use and can be entered into a door-latch pocket while turning the doorknob. By closing the door and sliding in the security bars, the door is locked into place securely. The lock can be used to add a layer of security on a door that has large gaps or are loose-fitting. The locks even come with two different brackets that can be used for multiple doors at once. The device is small, and pocket sized and works on most hinged doors that open on the inside.

7. A Swiss Army knife

There’s nothing you can need in your daily life that you can’t find in a Swiss Army knife. The knife is a part astronauts’ kit at NASA and is an absolute must-have in your travel kit. The set has a number of different tools, 32 to be specific packed into a compact device. It has everything you need from knives, can openers, bottle openers, cork-screws, toothpicks, scissors etc. You can find wire cutters, files, pliers, screw drivers and even a fully functioning ball point pen! This is definitely a must-have in your kit as it is a complete toolkit in a pint-sized case. Just remember to store it in your main luggage and not carry-ons, as it will probably be confiscated.

8. Universal Adapter

One of the things that you generally don’t account for while travelling is the availability of charging ports. We often forget to check whether the hotel has a port that is compatible with your devices. We often ask the hotel staff for options, and if unavailable, the issue of finding one is cumbersome. While some hotels do have adaptors and universal sockets, it is definitely a smarter option to carry one. If you are a frequent flyer, it is a good idea to carry a universal adaptor while travelling. This can ensure that you never run out of essential juice on your favorite tech toys.

9. Bag Tracker

A lot of the time, you will end up losing your baggage when you are travelling a lot. Lost baggage happens more often than not, and it can end up ruining your entire trip. One of the best things you can invest in is a bag tracker for your baggage. This handy device is pretty small and can be simply dumped in the bottom of your bag. No matter where your luggage gets transported, you will be able to track where your luggage is. The device helps you to sync the location of your bag with your phone to help track it. This can definitely help you retrieve that bag much faster by communicating the location to the airline company.

10. A first aid kit

When you are travelling all the time, you are prone to get sick sometime or the other. All the stress of travel and shocks to your digestive system you need to have backup. No matter where you are travelling, it’s a good idea to pack some essentials in your first-aid kit. Keep some band aids, pain relievers, cough drops, vitamins and your prescribed medicines in the carry on. These will come in handy in so many situations and will be an absolute savior for you. A compartmentalized kit can keep the creams and liquids separate from your tablets and powders.

These are a few different types of items that can make your travel exponentially more comfortable. With a world of innovations at your fingertips, these are the major things you need in your luggage. These are all items that will ensure frequent flyers have a good flight and trip overall.


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