How to spend a perfect Valentine day at Dhow Cruise Dubai


Valentine Day; the official lovers day, is coming your way and so is the pressure of making it perfect. You might have seen lots creative ideas surfing through your internet, some might be grand or some might be meh but most importantly they are there because this day is all about un-said expectations!

Spending the day with your loved one high above in skies in a magnificent air balloon or having a luxurious dinner at a cozy restaurant just beside the river, plans like these are surely time-saving and super-safe to go with. But the point is, why one should always go with the mainstream ideas when he /she can double the fun by doing something extra this time? GO EXTRAORDINARY LOVE BIRDS.

When we are talking about ‘extraordinary’, we aren’t suggesting you go completely Hollywood because that really demands some great efforts and unbelievable coordination.

Spending this 14th February on a luxurious Dhow Cruise Dubai might turn out to be the perfect idea if you went according to plan. And the plan is to have fun!

Dhow Cruise Dubai

What does Dhow Cruise Dubai Deals have for you?

The good thing in life is to spend a day with your loved one”

As soon as you step-in into the luxurious yacht, you’ll realize that this is the best decision you could’ve ever made. With soft breeze and perfect luminosity making the atmosphere pleasant for you and your partner, the highly-professional staff at the cruise will be alert to avoid any kind of mishap coming your way on Dhow Cruise Dubai Deals.

The crew that carries epitome of professionalism and the yacht surrounded by nothing but the deluxe and comfortable atmosphere, there’s no way that this trip can go wrong. There’s much more to offer you in order to make your love day, the best day!

Dubai; the picture-perfect location for dhow cruise Dubai trip:

Spending a perfect day on a luxurious boat and not having memories to cherish later, seems to be a bad idea. Plus, not every location is worth clicking pictures but Dubai; the city of love, luxury and limelight is the most awesome location one might be looking for.

In the middle of the most beautiful cities in the World, you and your partner will have tons of chances to click the most amazing pictures that you won’t stop looking for years.

Dining-in can never be this amazing; Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai Menu:

There’s no such thing as ‘perfect day’ without having a ‘perfect dinner’.

Like having everything pre-planned for you, the luxurious yachts at Mala Tours has the amazing table ready for you.

After spending the coziest and classiest Valentine Day on a cruise, you can’t expect to go wrong. Just to keep the great track going on, the staff will be up with the most luxurious dinner for you and your loved one.

Being someone madly in love, you can’t disagree with the fact that love blooms your inner-creativity. And, we are all arms open for your creative ideas as our optimum goal is to achieve customer satisfaction. So, it’s time for you to make yours and his/her day the most unexpected one!

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dubai

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