What is Solar Pool Heating? (Guide)

When it comes to solar-powered swimming pools this practice is most common in Australia and if you have decided to invest in such a method then you should be very cautious and you should research it with various providers.

With all the different technology advancements there are vast and wide options for you to select which on to choose and install in your pool to heat water.

Here is the complete guide for you on what is a Solar pool Heater and how does it work. This guide will help you in choosing the perfect and the Best Solar Pool Heater for you.

How Does a Solar Pool Heater Work?

Solar Pool Heater

I will answer that question with simplicity and will not take it into a complex theory.

A Solar Pool heater works with the energy of the sun, now: when the photovoltaic cells placed on the panel stores the heat of energy of the sun then it converts that energy to heat energy and later helps in warming or heating you swimming pool.

Now: the question becomes how does it supply the heat to the swimming pool? Well, this can be a bit complex.

As you see the pool water is extracted via pipes installed inside the pool at a constant rate. 

As that is done the same water warms through the heater and returns back to the pool again at the same rate thus it reaches and covers every bit of the pool hence heating your pool with warm water.

Types of Solar Pool Heaters

There is not just one type of Solar Pool heater there are several types of solar pool heaters present in the market as I have said before that you should be cautious and determined which one you should buy.

1- Thermal Solar Collectors

Solar Pool Heaters

Solar collectors and generally known as solar panels which you would have heard these are the same panels which are situated on the top of your house roof or either they can be situated near the pool if it comes to pool heating.

There are pipes which run over these panels and eventually, these panels heat the but there is a disadvantage to it as they will work effectively if your region is sunny and warm but if you are living in a colder or you are going through winters then this will not work effectively as it should.

2- Evacuated Tube Collector System

This type is more expensive than the previous one but I can assure you that this is more effective than the previous one as it will warm your pool water even in cold climate or in winters hence applying this method can be beneficial for your pool.

But the working process is a bit complex as this includes many parts such as there are small glass tubes within the larger glass tubes hence creating a vacuum between them.

When the heat strikes the glass tube it stores the heat with the help of a heat exchanger which is placed in the water box.

Later the water is inserted in the water box and due to the heat exchanger, the water is heated and returned to the pool at a higher temperature.

3- Solar Pool Covers

Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool cover comes handy when you are in a budget requirement and this can be inexpensive compared to the above two methods or types.

In general, it is not as effective as the evacuated tube collector system but it gets the job done as it covers over your pool trapping the heat from the sun directly and warming you pool in can be less effective in colder environments.

Things you should look after when buying a Solar Pool Heating System:

The first thing that you should consider is the size. Choose the solar heater according to the size of your pool as this can be very hard to warm the pool if the Solar heater is short or large in the size.

Other than that you should consider that your Solar panel is exposed to sunlight. When the panel is exposed to sunlight it works at its full efficiency hence it is preferred that you should keep that exposed.

Thirdly, cover your swimming pool with top cover and it is best if the cover is in dark colour as it helps in keeping your pool warm and cozy when it is not in use

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