The Sin of Plagiarism and how to deal with it using a plagiarism checker

The Sin of Plagiarism and how to deal with it using a plagiarism checker

Let’s tell you an important fact about content (I’m sure everyone in the SEO field will be aware of it) which will enable you to rank your site or blog in the SERPs. The fact is related to the quality of the content and the things you need to consider is that Google considers content as one of the most important factors for ranking.

Content is the king and it should be treated as such! No disrespect, no shortcuts, no offenses and no ifs and buts, while curating content for your website or blog. Once you don’t give proper attention to the king, Google is going to penalize you and that too very strictly. So, you don’t have any margin of error when it comes to content development.

The question arises why would anyone go for illegal means when it comes to content and create trouble for themselves? There could be a number of answers to it like

  • Ignorance of rules
  • Shortage of time
  • Shortage of budget for hiring a specialized content writer
  • Non-availability of content writer
  • No quality Plagiarism Checker

The reasons could be many and but one thing is sure that you can’t get away by using any illegal means of creating content.

A sin:-

Remember one thing that Plagiarism or content duplication is a sin. It is considered as a crime in the IT world and is extremely unacceptable for all search engines. It means you are stealing someone else’s ideas and points on a certain topic and presenting it as your own. Isn’t that a crime? Sure it is and search engines aren’t lenient about it.

One thing that is sure that Google never cares about why you did and how you did it. Whether you used a reliable plagiarism software or not? You cared about all the rules and regulations or not, it is just going to penalize you no matter what. The rules are pretty clear when it comes to not coming up with unique and genuine content.

The rules of the game are open and apparent, you do it and you will face the music, chin music that is.

Let’s tell you what plagiarism is:


Blindly copy pasting someone else’s (person or company) content or ideas and inserting your links in it, is called plagiarism or stealing. It not only de-ranks your website but also doesn’t look good, ethically. Whatever cunning steps you take to camau flauge your content and its plagiarism, the search engine giant will find it and put you down in the rankings.

So, if you think you are crafty enough to get away with it, stop doing it right now. Curate quality, unique and genuine content of your own and check plagiarism before posting content on your site.

No to spun content

Are you one of those who use spin bots or article rewriting tools? You aren’t doing any justice to your design, graphics, clean coding or whatever if you are using spun content for your site. This is also considered as plagiarism. Using a content spinner for content and not opting for genuine content is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Talking from SEO point of view, original and fresh content for your site is like a gust of fresh air to your site. Although there are a number of other SEO factors that enable your site to rank but quality, informative and non-plagiarized content is one of them and finds its place in the top lot.

Hire a specialized person

If you own a website or have developed it, then you are in best knowledge of what you want to convey through your site and what problems it can solve for the subscribers or buyers. Its best to curate the content yourself but, if it isn’t your field or you are not good at it consider hiring a person who’s field of profession is content writing or who knows how to feed the visitors with informative, readable and high quality content.

After getting the content written from the hired writer, don’t forget to use the anti-plagiarism software before posting it on your website. Let it be on-page or off-page content, checking its genuinely is as important as checking the fuel of your vehicle before moving.


Now that you know how fatal plagiarism is for your project and what danger it possesses, opt out of it immediately. Go for a genuine way of producing content that is free of duplication, is high in quality, readable, highly informative, engaging, unique and that conveys the message properly. Even if you have used plagiarized content earlier on your site, remove it and replace it with new content

While talking about off-page blogs for backlinking and driving traffic to your site, if you have use spun or some other’s content, remove it too. Now start posting content of your own and slowly and gradually you will see a positive change in your rankings as Search engines will start prioritizing your site because of its quality content.

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