Most significant social media trends 2018

Social media has been serving as several platforms for different purposes accordingly, but significantly used for social interaction, entertainment and marketing. Since the hype of social media has proven to be worth it, it has been changing according to the latest trends and features. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and twitter keep on changing as the technology changes, offering people new and user friendly features, making the use of social media more convenient. Since social media follows the methodology of constant changing, we highlight the most noticeable change in social media trends in 2018.

Video content taking over:

It is said that a picture speaks thousands words, well if a picture contains potential to convey thousands of messages, what about a video? According to latest research, a video on social media is more engaging as compared to a picture. YouTube official management reports that currently there are over 1.5 billion active YouTube users, which is why our social media celebrities are always seeking to buy 10000 YouTube subscribers so that their content can be viewed by more people. Not only video is limited to YouTube, but also other platforms like Facebook, instagram etc.

Get entertained by Chatbots:

Customer Relation Management or CRM, has become one of the vital elements which supports a business to get successful, and social media has introduced their CRM, entertaining business greatly. Better communication means better business, which is why social media brings us closer to our clients, but with Chatbots the process becomes even more accurate, on time and convenient. Not only Chatbots helps businesses and brands to serve their purpose of offering their products and services easily, but it also leaves a good and friendly impression on the customers as well, hence increasing the goodwill of the company.

More personalized but paid advertisement:

People often spend to buy active instagram views or Facebook views on their content so that their objective of marketing get accomplished successfully, getting more audience to witness the product or service they have to offer. But when you talk about advertisement, you’d wonder about the limitations you would have to face while advertising your content, right? Well social media platforms like Facebook and instagram has got that covered. You can just not only get a big audience of your choice, but also edit your ad however you want, giving you complete freedom, only if the content is not misleading or offensive.

Mobile matter a lot:

One of the new features which social media has adopted is of mobile adaptability. According to recent findings there are more than 2.53 billion smartphone users in the world and 2 billion of them are active on social media. Since the number of smartphone users are increasing day by day, social media platforms has been focusing on making their applications and features according to smartphones adaptability, so that their users can engage through their mobile phones easily. This step has also been taking by the Google, which mentions the website owners to focus on making their website adaptable on smartphones as well so that people face no barriers while engaging through new technology.

These are some of the significant changes on social media which can be noticed all across the world, and it would be beneficial for everyone to keep up with the latest trend.

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