A short packing list for your winter trip

We love winter, but what if we can enjoy the winter better than last year? The best way to enjoy the winter is to make a trip with our family. But most of the people get sick in winter. That’s why we don’t want to travel in winter to stay safe. But it’s so boring to stick only home to work and from work to home routine. To get rid of the boring winter we should use best of this season.

So, if you have a plan to travel in the winter then you should plan very well. We know that trip packing for winter is different from fall and summer. But we should have a good idea about the packing list that is short but covers all the things that a person need in winter. Here is the list that you already know but forget to pack in excitement.

Take two luggage:

In winter we have to cover up the full body. That’s why we have to take more warm clothes. Reason to take two baggage that one for taking the extra warm clothes including hats, soak and muffler. Another for packing other light clothes and gadgets we need. Winter clothes need more space in luggage than summer clothes. That’s why for family winter trip it is best to take all the extra warm clothes in one luggage. It’s difficult to move large luggage wearing winter clothes. Carrying extra luggage makes trouble the trip till reaching the hotel and coming back to home.

woolen shocks:

Most of the winter traveler makes the mistake keeping normal shocks in their packing list. In normal shocks, your feet won’t get warmness in minus degree. That’s why take woolen made shocks to stay warm in the trip. Also, don’t forget about long shocks.

Black is a good choice:

To look stylish, we forget the relation of temperature to color. In summer we generally wear white color clothes which is better to stay cool. But If we wear black clothes in summer, it will get us sweat shower. That’s why, choose black clothes in your packing list to stay warm.

Monkey cap:

When it’s too cold it is better to place the monkey cape in your packing list. Muffler sometimes get us in trouble while wrapping. Sometimes the muffler doesn’t cover the whole face and back head. But monkey cap does well to cover the whole head and face. That’s why prefer monkey cap over the muffler.


Boots are better than shoes:

Wearing sneaker or normal shoes is not a good choice to walk in the snow. While shoes only cover the under-ankle part of our legs. But boot covers more than shoes. And the general thought on taking boot on winter trip for its material. Normally shoes and sneakers are made of either Rexine or thick clothes. But boots are made of thick lather. As we know lather protect us better in cold than other materials made products. That’s why it is better to take leather made boot not shoes.

Hand gloves:

How long would you put your hand in the pocket while you are out in winter? You need to use your hand for many things. Better take hand gloves to keep your hand warm. The gloves should be breathable and thin. If you get thick woolen hand gloves you won’t able to carry your luggage with comfort. Choose a pair of hand gloves that is not thick more than 2mm.

Icebreaker leggings:

Only jeans and one trouser is not enough to break the wind. Icebreaker leggings is the best base layer clothes for legs to stay warm. Some traveler uses normal elastic legging which is not good enough to keep your legs warm.

Winter solution kits:

Winter means your skin will get dry, your lips going to torn. To keep your skin moisture and you should use cold cream and lotion. Most of us forget these two-important winter solution kit while we plan winter trip.

Preparation for snow skiing:

In winter snow skiing and snowboarding are the popular sports to all of us. As a part of your winter travel journey if you want to ski in the snow then you have to extend your packing list with goggles, snowboarding poles, snowboard or snow ski boots as you prefer.

So, here is you’re your short list that is so much important to enjoy the winter trip. Travelers can’t resist them to pack their gears on their trip. But in winter holding and using gears is not comfortable. So, when you plan for winter trip make the gear list small. Take those which are necessary and don’t make the luggage heavy.


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