Seeking The True Wisdom by Travelling with Virikson Morocco Holidays

Hopping into the trains, walking in the streets, observing the sky at the nights and avoiding the unwanted interactions. This is the kind of life I was living before travelling. Although, it was still fun and exciting but something remained empty in the depth of my soul. So, I decided to travel around the world. Since the trip of Morocco with I have been more open minded and prepared to learn the truth of acceptance.

I always felt that I had saved my self-many years ago and there is nothing that will break the boundaries I have built so far. But then time told me another story. Anyways, sorry for sinking your ship in an early times of travelling, there is nothing to be found around the world. Yes, there are places that remind you of inner self, but it doesn’t make you go back to you. No matter, how hard you try, there is only way and that is to accept the change. The change in your life is as necessary as beats to your heart.

Treasure Hunting

The story of treasure hunting usually end up at the same place, no, it’s not that you shouldn’t be travelling but ensuring that life is much more than sitting and waiting. The system works in a very unusual way, until you experience the sorrow, you don’t realize the happiness. Same is with the treasure of life, you won’t find it until you get to know yourself completely and deeply. If you’re like me and looking for life changing experiences travel as much as you can.

Quest of Truth

The quest of truth is for the whole life because if you get that today then there is no purpose of living and system is no designed in this way. Other than finding yourself, travel to seek true wisdom of life. There is nothing genuine then a truth that is revealed. True wisdom is to recognize your strength without making someone feel lesser than you. It’s about taking off for your own journey but not by throwing others down the hill. You can’t win any race this way.

Go for Infinity

You’ll never know the limits until you fly up in the sky. Bump your head as many times and you’ll know that the boundary is still hollow from inside and one can always break it. No matter, how many answers you already have but there are many question yet be revealed. Answers can be found by interacting with strangers, understanding your loved ones, hoping for something great ahead and yes they are always there in the corner of your heart, you need appropriate words before you utter them.

Away from The Negativity

Travelling takes you away from the negativity, it’s not that life is all positive but some situations are too negative to live with. You can avoid them by travelling around, maybe that alone time will help you figure out the circumstances with a better and convenient solution. I have been convincing myself from years that life is all about seeking happing and all the time, I encountered either with guilt or pain. Somehow I have learned the fact that certainties are only self-built metrics but life is all about dealing with problems gracefully.

True Wisdom of Life

True wisdom is when you stop evaluating yourself from the eyes of others. Be your own critic and tell yourself about right and wrong. Until unless you have hold on to the basic values of life, your path is open in a right direction. You can’t make everyone happy but you can try to lighten up the burden of many shoulders. It’s about the love that you give without bounding it with the rules and limits. Give it away because you want to. Every scenery and circumstance have hidden lessons that can be treasure for the soul.

Your every trip will leave some great impacts on your personality. Learn to be the one who values the honesty and is not afraid to talk about the truth and thinking is the true wisdom to embrace it with open arms.

However, it is a message for every misfit traveller, you don’t need a reason to travel because even if you didn’t find the answers you’ll know something else. It is all about learning and finding the truth of life that is not contextual but a series of some honest events. Life is no different to any one, just pay a little more attention and you’ll know that life has no different way of treating others. It’s only you with a different desires and too many questions and then many of are just afraid to ask them. Talk, listen, travel and read because these are the traits of rebels and true seekers, they are always looking to be somewhere else. Be the one!!!


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