From Rumors to Reality; All You Need to Know about Samsung’s Foldable Smartphones


Samsung has being circulating its way into artificial intelligence industry since 2016, with frequent rumors of its surprising advancement, Samsung was urged to fulfill its advanced technological promises. The presence of iPhone X in the tech world raised the bar for all the future advancements perused by the pioneers of tech products. But the point what has Samsung to offer its customers that win over Apple’s 5.8-inch stunning display screen? The latest Samsung smartphones are everything you need to have in your survival kit.

Samsung has grown into a potential competitor as soon as its Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus came into the market. But this not what we are guiding you to, we’ll introduce you to Samsung’s ‘out-of-the-box-smartphone’, we think of it as a divergent approach from the company because now your smartphone can fold into half!


The forthcoming name of Samsung’s new masterpiece might be ‘Samsung Galaxy Eight’ or ‘Treble Eight’ but before these presumptions, it had a code name i.e. ‘Project Valley’, which was referenced in various reports.

The company introduced the concept of foldable displays in the International Consumers Electronic Show (CES) in 2013 and allegedly showed its first foldable phone prototype in a private meeting at CES 2014.


The mysterious Samsung galaxy X reached new levels of hype, without any doubt, the hype has a lot to do with bendable leaks, foldable patents and flexible rumors.

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The future smartphone carries thought of taking advantage of biometric technologies for security, including the usual fingerprint scanner, facial recognition, eye recognition, and palm scanning.


The latest samsung smartphones has successfully outclassed almost all of its contenders with their sleek design but the real question is, what design this future smart-phone has that will justify the prediction of outshining all others.

The phone is likely to have a 7.3-inch OLED display that folds inside. The design shows that the Samsung Galaxy will surely be sleeker than latest iPhone X. Its ability to fold itself like a ‘clam-shell’ and its uniqueness of sporting a curved and wavy design on back when folded, makes it worth looking forward to.

In early 2014, when the screen folding phone rumor surfaced in the technological world, the only question precipitating in minds of critics was that ‘What’s the purpose behind this astonishing innovation?’ And without addressing the many other queries, Samsung indulged itself in testing the prototype to ensure that its purpose of creating this new smart-phone doesn’t backfire.

As the rumors are soon going to turn itself into reality then it’s certain that Samsung Display is finished with its testing to ensure that the parts are not damaged by recurrent fold and unfolding while preventing detachment between panel layers and adhesives, also known as decoupling.


2018 is totally a time for mobile phones with big screens that can be folded, but does OLED display has only this purpose to serve? No, there’s much more to it:

  • Organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays have gained popularity because of simplified construction.
  • Superior image quality and flexibility is an OLED ultimate quality. Because of this we think that the forthcoming smartphones will turn out to be the best camera phones.
  • OLED displays don’t require a backlight so these can be made thinner and molded to specific forms, like the curved display on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
  • Durability; One of the prime benefits of having a bendable screen is that it makes gadgets more durable. Such phones flex under impact and prevent screens from shattering.
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For years, we’ve heard talk of a foldable smartphone being built by Samsung. But the past few weeks has seen these rumors up in frequency.

The latest information we have regarding Samsung Galaxy X release date is that the launch event might take place in late 2018 or early 2019, and this has been confirmed by Samsung’s President of Mobile Business, DJ KOH. “As the head of the business, I can say our current goal is next year” says Koh Dong-jin in an interview with Associated Press.


OLED is considered to be pricey as well as the perfect choice for foldable screens. The only thing we are concerned about right now is that, will Samsung Galaxy X turn-out to be as affordable as Samsung galaxy s8 plus price.


The latest mobile phone in Pakistan is a product of Samsung i.e. Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 plus that were available in Pakistan after few days after it’s unveiling in International World. So, we are expecting that it will take twenty to thirty days for foldable phones to arrive in Pakistan after its launch event.

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