What Are The Roles A Team Manager Has To Perform?

There is a popular saying – Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.


A team leader’s job is to ensure that his/her juniors complete the target or project within the specified timeline. If you want to be a good team leader, you need to have thorough knowledge of the process. You should provide the team regarding recent updates of the process, define framework and be the member’s point of contact for the management. So before you make the preparations, let us look into the roles a team leader has to perform –

Consultant – You should provide able guidelines and support to the new team members. If they face difficulty in understanding the process, then it is your responsibility to impart suitable training sessions so that the new recruits understand the process.

Negotiator – You should check if the team has the available resources and required number of personnel for the project. In case of differences between team members and the management, you may have to play the role of negotiator.

Conflict Manager – You identify potential problems. Help team member get over them. In case of disputes between team members, you should resolve their differences.

Facilitator – You check if every team member is in tune with the guidelines of the project. If not, you take training sessions. You also have to look into leaves, salary cuts, rewards and recognition.

Co-ordinator – You have to monitor the budget for the team, ensure workflow is smooth and the project gets delivered on time.

How to Become a Team Leader Quickly

As a team leader, you need to have a relevant degree or qualification liked with personnel management. You may encounter unfavorable situations, but it is wise to let time play its game and stay confident. Be prepared to face any challenge. You should keep an eye on the long term and short term demands of your employees. To evolve as a good leader, it is high time you take into account these four factors –

1.Take Responsibility

Because you are the team leader, you should take responsibility for the entire team. There may be unhealthy moments such as losing data, employee leaves, missing the deadline etc. When you stop accepting responsibility, the team members will lose their trust in your leadership skills.

2. Pay Attention

The first rule – to be a wise learner and good listener. You should take time to listen to the issues of the employees. You cannot lead the team effectively if you do not know of their official problems.

Also develop a keen sense of observation. You will receive clues about requirements of more tools, if an employee needs emotional support etc. In a similar situation, you have to roll back your sleeves and get the hands dirty.

3. Decision Makers

You need to act fast as per the demands of the situation. You should never exercise your authority to organize unworthy meetings with the team members. Time is money when you work in office hours.

4. Failure To Success

You learn with experience. That is the rule of being a team leader. You never know, the challenges can come from any direction. Please note, that preparation can never get you success at the first instant, but lack of preparation can definitely push your future towards failure.


You will not be able to get the best performance from your team members if you are not prepared to face new challenges. Sometimes, career chances can pop at the unexpected time. You may get an internal job posting as a team leader for a different process or department in the next three months. You may get a team leader job at a different company which provides doorstep services. So, your leadership skills are put to the test. So you can follow the steps mentioned below –

  • You can join training sessions in your specific field to improve your knowledge.
  • You can seek a mentor to put your career on the right path. Make a plan and work accordingly. Do not focus on the ultimate goal. Instead, draw simple goals which are easily achievable. Then, step by step, you can reach the goal. Most important, have a time line. For example, if you want to become a team leader in your company, consider the skills, experience needs and technology aspects.
  • Do not risk taking on projects which have the backing of management.
  • Does your company offer programs to assist the employees in their career? If so, actively participate in the programs.
  • The last point – Everyone will have years of experience to make a living, but only 50 percent create a career out of their work domain to become a success.



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