How to Protect Your eCommerce Website Against Fraud

If you are planning to start your own online business, then make sure that you do prefer and opt for a multi-channel approach. And when it comes to protecting your eCommerce website against fraud, then you should follow the below mentioned respective measures.

Online frauds are pretty common these days. Furthermore, in the online retail industry, both manufacturer and customers have to deal with a variable number of fraudulent situations.

It is high time to educate yourself regarding how to tackle different types and kinds of eCommerce frauds. Check out the detailed guide now:

E-commerce Webiste

Ensure that All of Your Payment Systems are Compliant

Most importantly, you have to ensure this thing that youreCommerce systems are compliant. Your payment card system needs to pack with clear guidelines when it comes to storage and security of payment procedures.

Use Zip or Postal Code for Making all Purchases

In addition to, one should make use of address verification procedure for the sake of avoiding and preventing eCommerce fraud risk.

Besides, for making purchases, make it compulsory for the customers to mention a zip or postal code. By doing so, you will be able to stop every single fraudulent purchase attempt.

Demand Security Codes for Every Credit Card Purchase

Credit Card Purchase

Even more, for credit card purchases, you should ask for security codes. It is observed that modern credit cards usually comprise a set of three identifying numbers which are written and mentioned on their backside.

It is required from the customers to enter those numbers for every single credit card purchase.

Keep a Track of Customer Purchase History

If you want to avoid and prevent fishy eCommerce situations, then make sure to keep a close eye on your customer behaviour as well as on his purchase history.

On the other hand, make it essential and crucial for your customers to sign the delivered packages receipt which they have received.

Keep the Record of all Past Fraud Attempts

E-commerce Webiste

Besides, what you can do is to keep the complete record of all past and prior fraud attempts.

In this way, you will be able to better learn about the fraud attempts which are made against your business.

Keeping a close eye will help you to establish a clear pattern and set strategy regarding identifying the region or any of the demographics which are making those fraudulent attempts.

Use SSL Certificates

Make very much sure to buy SSL certificate. If you are an eCommerce merchant, then you have to come up with a secured and solid online payment solution.

Your online payment solution should be packed with Secure Socket Layer which is often known as SSL certificates.

Note down that Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a kind of standard security technology which is used for establishing and creating an encrypted link right between a server and a client.


This is how you can limit the damage which is made either on your eCommerce data or on your clients’ data. Do come up with such counter-fraud strategies and avoid losing a lot of money and clients of yours.

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