Poly Platform- Google’s Step to Bring a Revolution in Clip Art

In the late 1990’s clip art had played an essential role in adding graphical images to the documents and presentations to highlight and deliver the message conveniently. The pre-made images and figures used to communicate any medium. Today, the use of clip art has greatly decreased, due to the lack of improvisation in its quality. Now the pretty icons only seem to enhance the outlook of greeting cards to other home-printing stuff. To bring a revolution in clip arts, Google created a Poly platform that has taken innovation to the next level.

The charm of scrolling form the 140,000 collections gathered over Microsoft having cartoons, figures of characters and pictures to express every medium or field seems to fade away. To relive it Google’s new platform offers a unique way for not only downloading the clip arts but also uploading your creation.

Now you can enjoy the funny and interesting doodles and make them your clip art of the day. The invention has blurred lines between legendary clip arts and new Poly’s collection.

More about Poly

Poly is a huge platform that offers a wide variety of 3D objects. Google commissions an open-source site. The site provides rights to users for uploading their creation and their work whereas the rights are protected for developers of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Any image or graphics uploaded by a visitor or user is designated as Creative Commons. At any time of the day and from anywhere across the world, users can access images from the well-organized huge database of the platform. The easy to access and safe to download collection at Poly provides a new roam to web design professionals for bringing uniqueness and spark in their work. One can experiment using anything to bring innovation.

Google has always superseded its competitors in one way or another. Where Microsoft seems to invest a huge sum of money to create a live-action blended with a bit of animation by developing a film in actors and objects are filmed in 3D animation, Google has invented this robust platform. Through Poly, users can access a library of models which can boost and provide the convenience of using a digital medium that is similar to clip arts on computers, laptops on any device having the internet connection and a modern browser.

Features of Poly

The platform offers a tremendous archive to find your desired visual content. Among several prevailing features, some of them are listed below:


Poly provides an incredibly easy-to-operate platform to its users. The objects present in its database are created either via Google blocks object builder or from tilt brush- the painting tool. The features that amuse its users is that Poly having a fully functional VR integration which enables its users to download files directly from the server into their PC or desktops. All you need to have is a smooth internet connection and a modern browser installed on your device.

Uploading Features

There are a number of options available on the server. You can download, print, share upload files from multiple servers like Google Drive, Google+, and YouTube or from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The site provides the ability to download items in Tilt brush and Google Blocks along with the option of re-uploading images after auto-attribution.

The Huge List of Various Objects

At Poly- the 3D platform you can browse through a huge e-library having objects belonging to diversified fields. From books to travel, animals to building, food to dress animation to cartoons there is a broad spectrum organized properly for you to choose. Each object is beautifully presented and is able to fit on any document or scene.


Ease, convenience, and speed are some of the features of Poly. There is a search bar in front of the website for users to browse through the galleries. In addition, the option to filter out searches is also available, it will help you get your desired picture more quickly and easily. Poly provides a seamless user-interface with fast loading website. You do not have to wait for minutes trying to view the picture you want.

Furthermore, as part of Google’s bigger mission, the platform will allow plugins of third-party apps via an API which will enable any VR or AR integrated apps to upload all Google assets present on the server into their device. Poly is undoubtedly going to be a big hit in the design industry.

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