Top 5 Best Photography Services In New York

Photography is one of the most famous passions in the world if you want to be a professional photographer then you should visit photography school to follow your dreams .Here you can find a list of photo service providers for your event in the city of New York.

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All the providers on this list speak your language and are committed to offering a service of very good quality and good price. The photographers are experts in capturing your wedding day in a way that you can live again that day every time you see your photos.

Don Laurence Photography

The company formed by a team of professionals dedicated to the realization of Photography for any type of social event. They offer a comprehensive and personalized service based on commitment, creativity, and quality. Through constant innovations, including something fun, different and elegant in each event, constantly exceeding the expectations of the customers. They are a photography company with a team of professionals dedicated to creating lasting memories in many types of events.

They offer a personalized service based on creativity, quality and affordability. They capture the beauty of the emotions and feelings of your great day and turn them into the invaluable memories that you will treasure forever. Don Laurence Photography offers professional and traditional photography with more than 12 years of artistic experience.

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There each event is unique and they work with passion and dedication as if it were their own celebration, taking care of every detail and advising you so that you’re Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, etc. are unforgettable. Extensive experience in the creation of photo albums with exclusive designs, the clients can visit them they will show you everything they offer in their different special packages and will be convinced of the quality of their services and incredible prices.

Joe Jenkins Photography

Joe Jenkins Photography mission is to give the best photography at the best prices and put a smile on each of their clients every time they see their photos. Joe Jenkins Photography focuses on quality and not the number of hours or pictures they give you. They use cinematographic cameras to get that touch of film that people like so much. They have professional camera stabilizers to eliminate those drastic camera movements that make people sick.

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They have the most advanced programs to edit your photos and give you a high-quality product in an image. They also have the technology to make digital albums with leather covers and thick pages to keep your pictures to the maximum.

Joe Jenkins Photography team will sit down with you, listen and take note of what their client wants and they plan together what is going to be filmed on the day of your event. Joe Jenkins Photography is never late for an event and never leaves before the agreed time. In the course of your event, the photographers will do everything possible to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Images Photo – Manhattan

They work independently in NYC. They have taken professional photographs for since 10 years ago. There focus is weddings and parties, although they can also cover other events. They can travel throughout the city of New York, other states of the USA and other countries.

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If you are looking for those photos that will be kept as a treasure for years and years or you just want to have a memory of this special day, they can help you.

Luna Media Production

Luna Media Production is formed by professionals who really enjoy what they do. A team of young people’s with new and innovative ideas. They offer all work style, quality, and professionalism. They stand out for competitive prices and quality jobs at the same time.

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