Why should Pet Holders give Raw Food to their Dogs?

It really loves to own a pet as we all like to play with our favorite dogs and cats because they make our home even a better place to live. Although some of us really want to have pets however they cannot keep them at home just because they do not know how to feed them. Well, there is always a conflict among pet owners as some say that raw food should be given to dogs whereas some say it is not good for their health. Do you know how your dog can grow well? First of all, you should understand his immune and digestive systems and then pay a close attention that which type of food he loves to eat. There is only one way to make your dog healthy as pet owners have to understand the habits and interests of dogs. Well, a research is conducted by a largest veterinary laboratory to compare the dry food with raw food and you’ll be amazed to know that most of the votes were in the right of raw food. Although some dogs eat dry food, however, it is just because people try to build a habit in them to eat this type of food. But when we consider the nature and metabolism system of dogs, it is absolutely compatible to eat raw food as they can digest it so well. There is a difference between the metabolism system of dogs and human beings as we cannot eat fresh meat but most of the pets love to eat meat without being cooked.

Why should Pet Holders give Raw Food to their Dogs

The Shiny Condition of Coat

The coat of dogs can become rough when you do not give them healthy food to eat as skin really gets the effect when a proper diet is not given to dogs. The coat should be smooth and shiny as otherwise, the dog may not look very pretty. You must know that protein is necessary for better skin and when a dog eats food, 40% of its protein is reserved for a coat but when he eats unhealthy food, the need of protein for the skin cannot be fulfilled. The dry food usually does not hold enough protein although you may read on the food’s jar that it is full of protein but most of the time, reality changes. The raw dog food is absolutely perfect for giving the right portion of protein to dog’s body. Fresh meat has 60% more protein than all the branded dry food products, so it is better to rely on raw food.

Improves the Muscle Tone

The muscles of a pet really need to care because if a dog doesn’t have strong muscles, he cannot play or run. It is necessary for a dog to have strong muscles and it is possible only when pet owners pay attention to his diet. As everybody knows that a dog is a carnivore, so he can grow well only when his food will be full of protein and fats because otherwise, he will surely lose his health. The raw food is the ultimate source of protein and carnivores cannot get the sufficient amount of protein through dry food as it is just like giving something against their nature. The dog barf diet is not a right thing to be selected for dogs because it will not give the required level of strength to the bones of dogs.

Healthy Teeth

The teeth of carnivores should be strong but when they cannot get proper protein, their teeth become weak and this is really disappointing that dog doesn’t have strong teeth. For an improved dental hygiene, it is necessary to give fresh meat to dogs because in that case, they’ll be able to get the perfect quantity of protein whereas other types of raw food will be effective for providing fat to dogs. It has been noticed that eight out of ten dogs suffer gum disease just because they are fed with dry food which surely cannot give the perfect quantity of protein to the body of dogs.

Less Waste and Better Training

Dogs who eat fresh meat and other types of raw food usually produce less waste as compared to those who are given dry food to eat. It is a great advantage because when the dogs produce less waste, it is easy to train them according to a particular routine. More on, the immune system and digestive system of dogs will also get better due to the unlimited benefits of raw food. The less waste will be produced, the less you’ll have to go through a hassle of cleaning all the dirt. More on, the dog will also stay neat and clean all the time and it will be love to play with him.

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