New era of Indoctrination with technology

Indoctrination & Technology

Education, as we all know is the wealth of knowledge gained by any individual, either by studying subject matters or by the sheer experience of the life lessons that makes him/her understand various stuffs. However, education at any point in life requires proper instruction and guidance. This is where the educational institutions come into effect. These institutions can be Kindergarten, High School, or Universities & Colleges. These may be Public or Private sector institutions, which helps to expand the literacy in India and contribute to the Economic Development of the country. Education being one of the main factors towards the contribution of Economic Development, the enrollment in higher education, as per reports, has increased steadily over the past decade, at approximately 25%.

Technology infused in Colleges

The increase in the enrollment in the higher education is due to the high standard of pedagogy, backed by the implementation of Technology into the studies. While we are approaching 2019, technology is already sweeping through the teaching spaces and the educators are using more and more tech methods to enhance the education. The top MBA Colleges in Allahabad, such as Birla Institute of Technology, BBS Institute of Management Technology, United Group of Institutions, etc. have adopted the fine blend of technology into education and successfully instill the subject matters into the students, which further helps the candidates to implement the knowledge to succeed in their careers. Since learning is a lifelong endeavor and thus must be more interactive, various colleges offering MBA Degrees do incorporate Digital Quizzes, Assessments, Simulations, Videos, and Gamification elements into the course contents. These tools help the educationists to create a dynamic classroom experience. These activities are mostly done in the form of flipped classrooms, where content is delivered outside the Classrooms as Group work or peer collaboration.

Courses & Opportunities

Apart from the above-mentioned degree, another course which is very popular in India is the MA (Master of Arts) Course. As the name suggests, it is a Post-Graduate degree course and is one of the most respected Masters degree course. There are various specialized subjects in the MA Course and enhances the qualities such as Enhancing the Career, improving the Decision-making ability & the problem-solving skills, in students. An individual graduated in MA can reap greater benefits including the opportunity to easily pursue Ph.D education and achievements that are conferred by the Universities around the World. Also, in the institutions providing teachings in Master of Arts, the traditional passive learning model is broken. The technology helps the Lecture-rooms to have Pedagogues to become the encourager, advisor and coach, rather than only be a Lecturer. It is key, to make the internet technology readily available and perform correctly, as this enables the students to get hold of the most up-to-date information, quicker & easier than ever before.

Massive Open Online Courses

From tablet computers and widescreen televisions to interactive projector-monitors, the classrooms in today’s world are packed with technology. Rightfully so, this will give individuals, a definite edge over others, in this highly competitive environment. The last few years have witnessed the development and evolution of the Massive Open Online Courses, also known as MOOCs. Various providers such as Coursera, EdX, Future Learn, and many others offer courses on numerous different subject matters from renowned institutions across the world, like University of Leeds, Harvard University, University of Illinois, Yale University, etc. These courses are offered in both Free and Paid sections, where the Paid Courses are affordable and at the same time adds a significant value to one’s Resume.

Also, over the past few years, various studies and researches have shown benefits for implementing technology into education. So, we can easily conclude that the role of technology and its tools are vital. Thus, the question has changed from ‘Whether technology enhances learning?’ to ‘How to enhance technology to improve learning?’.


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