Military Hairstyles for Women That Are Proper and Natural

As we all are aware that women in the military struggle for the right haircut. As girls, they want to have natural and proper hairstyles. Women have to struggle harder to keep the military’s grooming standards.

In this article, we’ll talk about military hairstyles for women that are proper and natural. (You may want to check out military hairstyles for men.) This article will help you determine the best hairstyle you can choose. This also keeps you from struggling with your hair every day.

In this article, we will provide you all the information about military hairstyles for women that are proper and natural. We’ll try to make sure everything we provide is easy and understandable for you in every manner.



Braids usually are the first choice for women of color. It’s very common to have braids in Navy. Female have cornrows with their hair cornrows. And they would re-braid it. They can also have one of their friends to do it for them.

This choice should be possible with either permed or characteristic hair. There are two assortments of meshes that you can try different things with. You can try it with cornrows or individual meshes. Cornrows are directly made straight on your head. It can be styled into a lot of hairdos like braids and buns.

In addition to the side of having your hair in plaits is that they are anything. But difficult to keep up and are a very problem-free alternative. With this, you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing your hair.

Pixie Cut

The Pixie cut is also one of the popular hairstyles. It isn’t just for celebrities or elegantly gamine ladies. It’s also a great choice for women in the military because it takes less time and money. It consummately outlines the face and makes cheekbones pop. The only disadvantage of this hairstyle is that you have to trim more. Modern pixies can be paired with long side bangs.

You can also add a little touch of yours by combining it with choppy and undercuts. Pixie is also very useful if you want to try out hair colors. In the military, it’s one of the best hairstyles to have because of its practicality. It’s very beneficial when you are working in a hot area. You can stay a lot cooler with this hairstyle on hot days.

Bob Cut

Bob Cut

Bob cut is a simple and decent looking hairstyle. Military women usually prefer this hairstyle. This is because of its low-maintenance and a really good-looking style.

Bob cut can be modified by using simple techniques and good hair products. It has many upgraded version like any other hairstyle.

The most popular are messy bob cut, trendy bob cut, and choppy bob. Bob cut can make you a little more serious looking and professional.

Anyone can give you a bob cut even your friend. I personally like bob cut because it looks cute.

And at the same time very professional. This is an advantage in the military.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is also a widely used hairstyle for both men and women in the military. The upright hair is cut short that forms like short pomp (pompadour). The strands at the crown is very short, to make it look like flat appearance. It’s very useful in hot areas as the hair is shorter.

It is a very common hairstyle in sports and military. This hairstyle doesn’t require much attention. It is very easy to maintain and simple to style. It has many different styles. You can always choose what suits you the best.



The bun is for women who don’t want to cut their hair. And prefer to have long hair. Bun is something that everyone can do. In a bun, the hair are pulled to the back from the face and twisted in a circular coil on the back of the head. There can be two or three buns. It’s easy and a person can look cute.

The bun is also preferred by many women in the military. The bun can make you look charming but it has disadvantages. Bun needs regular maintenance and can be a little time-consuming. You can use bobby pins, hair tie, hairnet, etc. to contain bun.


These hairstyles are very easy to do, that anyone can do it. And it can save you a lot of time and hassle of your hair. These hairstyles will help you look good.

They do not require everyday maintenance. They might even give you a tactical advantage in your military career. We hope that you liked this article. And hope that we helped you.

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