Do Meal Replacement Shakes Really Work – [The Truth]

In today’s world, where one can get distracted by unhealthy food, it is a real tough to stay fit. But with problem, comes a solution too. Following up a diet need constant focus along with food that keeps you engaged.

In this dilemma of what to and what not to eat, you can feel your diet lagging behind. So people often opt for alternatives. Such options that need least efforts, times and fulfill the hunger too.

But again a confusion arises. Do Meal Replacement Shake really work? This is a constant dilemma that people face. Though we know these shakes are full of nutrients and easy to carry. Yet these things does not decide whether one can rely on them or not.

Today we will discuss few points relevant to this problem. We will see if these drinkables are better than eatables or not.

Let’s begin!

Are They Safe?

Meal Replacement Shakes

Yes, these shakes are very much safe. In fact, these are far more reliable than the food you consume in diets. These shakes contain enough quantity of nutrients required by our bodies.

No items added in these are unhealthy or harmful for our health. Unlike the diet plans, these have almost all things like fibers, minerals, vitamins. So your body won’t face any deficiencies.

This does not mean that you only have to drink these. Yes, the drinks are safe but our body has some requirements. One cannot survive on liquids all along. These are not to replace the actual meals.

Being portable and accessible, you can rely on them every now and then. Yet at a certain point, your body needs solid food. The enzymes, antioxidants etc are only present in solid food.

Do They Help to Lose Weight?

Lose Weight

The best way to reduce calories is by cutting down calorie intake. People prefer this method over others and reduce the calorie count

. That helps them in losing weight in an efficient manner. Or they intake food with the limited calorie count. Dieticians make food charts and plan with the limited count.

When it comes to liquids or replacement shakes, the calories differ. These shakes contain a lesser amount of calories in them from 200 to 400. Then the shakes also have fats, fibers, proteins, vitamins, etc.

So can one rely on these for weight loss or not? The answer varies as some studies show results that are positive. Then another factor that can affect the results is the person itself.

For instance, some people lost more weight via these shakes, some did not. Whereas others lost an equal amount with both methods. Hence we can conclude that if you replace 1 or 2 meals with these shakes, your weight loss journey can fasten up.

Do Meal Replacement Shakes Really Work?

Do Meal Replacement Shakes Really Work

Coming towards the working of these shakes. They can help you in avoiding junk, processed food. You can use them along with the diet plan to lose weight

Then these help you in maintaining the nutrients. Your body won’t face any deficiencies or weaknesses that usually occur in diets.

But this does not mean that you would become healthy if you opt for these shakes. Although these are safe enough nothing can replace natural food. Your body needs solid food to function well. As a side item, these are a great option.

Yes, these really work but the working depends on the body too. If you keep eating junk and want these to work. No, that won’t happen. But along with a well-balanced diet, you can kick off some chunks of fats.


To put it in a nutshell, the effectiveness depends on factors. Also on you and how well you maintain your diet. The food you eat, the quantity and calories you intake.

All these things work up together on a great level when one is on diet. Apart from diet too, you need to only let healthy food in your body.

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