Mass Effect Andromeda Game Review

Do you feel intense joy in playing combat games? Mass Effect: Andromeda will be to your liking then!

This game is different from its previous parts since a whole new galaxy is introduced to appeal to players worldwide. You’re supplied with an enthralling action role-playing game that is enough to keep you occupied for days to come.

However, there are slight grievances, people have reported technical issues on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A vicious alien force led by a tyrant leader strikes the human colony ship, throwing their plans in the dust and revealing their true intentions since the start. The game requires you to settle thousands of colonists from various ships and this is what separates Mass Effect from its previous parts.

There is a nostalgic feel to the game since most of the plot ideas can be retraced back to the original trilogy.

Now, let’s get to the juicy part.

Do you wish to know about Mass Effect Andromeda’s best weapons? We’ll provide you with them right here, right now!


This goes without saying that Mass Effect is full of exciting weapons, with the option of finding them & creating custom ones on your own. But you require blueprints to craft the best weapons out there.

Don’t worry though, as you go beyond level 25, you’ll unlock blueprints.

1. Falcon Assault Rifle

Not just an Assault Rifle, mind you! This is a full-on deadly grenade launcher ready to destroy enemies in their tracks. In Andromeda, there is a scarcity of weapons that have the facility of shooting grenades so if you get your hands on this bad boy, consider yourself lucky!

2. Valkyrie Assault Rifle V

Just like its name, this weapon is nothing short of a masterpiece. With accurate shots, you can fire two-round bursts and aim for the head to kill enemies without letting them blink twice. Headshots away!

You can also seek cover and shoot from a distance, the Valkyrie is your go-to option in this scenario.

3. Naladen Sniper Rifle

Your best buddy to destroy the opposition in seconds, Naladen Sniper explodes on contact and enemies that wish to hide behind objects to sneak attack won’t stand a chance since this gun does not spare anyone.

Remember that this weapon is the most effective in close range, so be careful.

4. Isharay Sniper Rifle

Looking for a power-packed weapon? This rifle will aid you in killing powerful enemies, however, at a price. This gun is slow in reloading but it strikes even the mightiest of foes with blows that are almost impossible to withstand.

Just one precise hit will either to tremendous damage or seal the deal and that’s a guarantee.

5. Reegar Carbine Shotgun

Reegar isn’t your average shotgun, it collapses enemy shields in seconds and makes your enemies run with hands tied behind their backs. Fire electrically charged blasts and induce damage to enemies standing up close.

Up against a wave of baddies? Reegar will fry them to bits!

6. Dhan Shotgun V

Unravel several projectiles, full of insane power to kill enemies from a distance. Even though the damage is limited, Dhan can be relied upon as it’s a dependable mid-range shotgun that becomes extremely deadly once it’s upgraded to the maximum.


Mass Effect: Andromeda is a must to play if you’re into galaxy games based on action and humor since the characters are hellbent upon blurting cheesy and lame jokes to make the game more interesting.

There are disappointments cited by the fanbase but this game packs a powerful punch for gamers who’re into hardcore action & intense fighting!


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