How to market on Instagram 2018

Instagram is very popular among people of whole world and its popularity is increasing day by day. There are some common trends in marketing the products on Instagram.

Boosting up the posts of Instagram

instagram marketing tips 2018

In 2012, when Instagram was acquired by Facebook, every person was assuming that it Instagram will become a platform which is pay-to-play like Facebook. After six years a prominent decrease occurs in organic reach which means people have shown the posts via an unpaid distribution.  But the trend of Instagram stories gives a new life to the Instagram and save a way for connecting to the people. Instagram help the people to add clickable links to the contents related to their brands so that people can easily reach their sites.


Thanks to Micro-Influencer Marketing

micro influencers instagram

There is a trend of influencer marketing and it is at the peak in past years. But in 2018, you do not need to invest heavy amount on influencer marketing because no doubt it is an expensive mode of advertisement.  There is another concept, micro-influencer marketing, it is another big thing and at the present time, almost every brand is working with Instagram for getting popularity and capturing the great audience. They are actually setting their ways of success. Instagram has a much-engaged following that’s why people are willing to work with it.

Micro-influencer is the one who does not have massive followings but his followings are significant. Its following ranges from 1000 to 100,000.

Instagram UGC + Digital Rights Management

Instagram UGC + Digital Rights Management

In the present time, with changing trends Instagram is now a user-generated content. As now it is a UGC, people get familiarity with management of digital rights for Instagram.

In coming time every brand will require a social media policy and need to get permission and approval from customers for reposting UGC.

The secret weapon on Instagram is Stories Ads

The secret weapon on Instagram is Stories Ads


You cannot deny the popularity of Instagram. In 2017 the popularity of Instagram stories was on the top.  In the start, the Instagram’s copycat version of Snapchat does not possess attractive features. In 2017, Instagram got a boom and numbers of its daily users reach up to 300 million and it is twice the number of snap chat.

Almost all brands are using Instagram stories as a business tool and now it is becoming an important component of Instagram’s marketing strategy.   It is the one way of using Instagram but in 2018 still, Instagram stories are added to Buy Instagram followers uk. In 2018 this trend will remain continue and real winners are those who will adopt the trends as early as possible for getting the success.


Instagram Profile is becoming a New Home Page in 2018

Instagram Profile is becoming a New Home Page in 2018

In the latest trends of 2018, the newsfeed of Instagram will be as important as the homepage of the website. In free Instagram learning courses, it is explained to the people that you they can create Instagram Aesthetic and how more people can start to search for different brands first on Instagram rather than Google.

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