How To Make Training Of Yorkies More Rewarding

How To Make Training Of Yorkies More RewardingA dog breed Yorkshire Terrier is commonly known as Yorkies. These dogs are little in size and weigh 7 pounds maximum. Some of them can also grow up to 15 pounds. Initially, these dogs were used to catch rats in industries. However, now they are also kept as a pet and trained by their owners. Training a Yorkie is not an easy task since they are full of energy which makes them hyperactive. Following are some of the tips which can help you to make training of Yorkies more rewarding.

Age appropriate training goals

The goals of training a Yorkie puppy must be set according to its age. The training of the puppy starts at the age of eight months. However, there are several goals of training which cannot be taught at an early age as the muscles of the puppy are not fully grown and can cause him harm. During the first few weeks and months, the pup should be trained about the necessary things such as where to go and when to go. During this time, the muscles of the puppy grow stronger, and it can be further trained for bigger things. By the age of three to four months, the pup is fully and well trained and can be set out free for proper training as the muscles are strong by that time.

Age of the puppy is equal to the possible needs held hours

Before starting to train a puppy, you must know that a Yorkie puppy can hold back its needs for not a long time. The hours possible to hold back its obligations are usually equal to its age in months. For instance, a two months old puppy cannot hold back its needs for more than two to three hours. Likewise, a four months old puppy can only hold back its needs for four hours maximum. This time keeps increasing till the puppy is eight months old. After that, the holding hours cannot be increased, and it would be unrealistic of the owner of expect the puppy to do so.

A fixed place to train

The bathroom area must be definite, and it should not be just an ‘outside area’. A specific specified area helps to prepare the puppy more efficiently and faster. The bathroom area must be accurate. It should be closer to the playing field of the pup, and you must keep the weather changes in mind. The area which is chosen in springtime might not be suitable enough during winter or raining season, therefore, make sure to select an area which can be availed throughout the year.

Fifteen minutes rule

The owner of the puppy must take the puppy to the bathroom area after fifteen minutes of eating. The puppy should then be given fifteen minutes to pee or poo. The most prominent mistake owners make during this time is expecting the puppies to satisfy their bathroom needs immediately after they have been taken to the spot. It is possible only in the case of emergency needs, and otherwise, the puppies take time.

Notice the signs

Make sure to notice the signs thoroughly. The puppies show several symptoms when they are in need of the bathroom. The owner must start seeing these since the beginning to get hold of them and avail them during the training. Take the puppy to the bathroom area as soon as it starts showing the signs because taking it there once it has lifted its leg is pointless and would not help it to wait till he reaches the designated area.

Set specific timings

When you are training a puppy, schedule the timings to take it to the bathroom. There are several timings which are a must to be made to the bathroom such as immediately after waking up or after a nap, fifteen minutes after eating food, before going to bed and at all the times the puppy shows the signs. This helps it to develop the routine of bathroom needs and avoid unwanted situations.

Avoid nighttime cries

It is a habit of the puppies to cry or wail at night making the owner feel as if it needs to go to the bathroom. However, you must ignore those cries if the puppy was taken to the toilet before bed and is provided with all the necessary items.

Praise the puppy and show appreciation

A dog learns things better when it is praised by its owner and does not understand a word when the owner shows it a disappointment and yells on it. You must keep praising the puppy to make him learn things quicker. Celebrate the small successes the puppy achieves and show appreciative expressions along with saying out a few words of appreciation. Another way of showing the puppies appreciation is by taking them for grooming. The haircuts not only make them look pretty but also make them feel good about themselves. You can always play with your Yorkie’s long and healthy hair by trying out different suitable haircuts on them.

Avoid showing the pup your disappointment

Make sure never to show the puppy that you are disappointed in them. A Yorkie is an intelligent breed of dog and catches the owners’ expressions and mumbling quite well. It will notice your disappointment and will not learn things any better. However, if you will show excitement in its achievements, it will find more motivation to do better. A Yorkie puppy’s most significant goal is to keep its owner, its coach happy and satisfied. Hence, upon seeing them sad or disappointed, the puppy gets disheartened as well and fails to learn things at a usual or faster pace.

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