Are you looking to increase rank of your YOUTUBE videos?

  • YouTube is a platform which is used in 88 countries around the world
  • You tube is the second largest social media platform with over 1.5 billion monthly users

Not only has it been rapidly growing since its initial launch in 2005, it has become the biggest and most important video service on the web. You have to do everything possible to strategies to rank your video and be noticed. Learn Video Marketing and Digital marketing from best digital marketing Institute In Dwarka.

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Here we will discuss the best activities to be follow.

Title of video

There are several things which to consider when coming up with the video title:

  • Title should be engaging and eye catchy
  • Make use of important keywords within your title (these keywords will help you rank that video in both YouTube and Google search)
  • video thumbnail in YouTube-generated related videos.
  • Make sure that title not only describes the video but also contains key phrases that already researched by audience.
  • Title should be attention grabbing enough that people will want to click on it.

When creating a video title, consider the following:

  • Include the important names and entities such as brand name, related hash tag, featured brand products etc.)
  • Location (especially when you are targeting a specific locale)
  • Your important keyword you’d like the video to show up for.

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Make your descriptions longer

  • Video and channel descriptions are help you to drawing traffic to all of your content. YouTube allows up to 5,000 characters means between 500 and 700 words.
  • The rule of thumb is obvious: write original content below your video, which is easier for search engines it is to understand that what is your video all about and how it relates to search queries to rank it for.
  • Not every description needs to be that long, but using for around 2,000 characters for videos and 3,000 for channels is a good because it will help to optimize your keyword use and give some context to viewers. Make. Sure that you aren’t filling it with a lot of pointless fluff.

Make the first 150 characters impressive of a description

  • First 150 characters are the most important among the words you write, That is because YouTube cuts it off after the point, so the viewer has to specifically opt to reading the rest. Not all of viewer is going to do the same
  • Always make sure the first characters tell the viewer what they are really needed to watch in order to connect with what they are reading. From that point you can focus more on keywords and the rest of the description, as it will still count the same towards searches.
  • In First 150words you can also link out to other channels, your website, social media links should always use call to action (CTA) is in the first words such as liking, subscribing, learning more, etc.

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Have a good, high-resolution thumbnail

  • Using Thumbnails are very important to increase rank of video channels. You have seen that they follow same strategies or thumbnail like silly face, bright colors, something odd in the background, over the top. Sure, it seems annoying. But they use this pattern because the formula works.
  • Now, you don’t have to do the same thing. You just need to make sure that you have an eye catching, visually stimulating thumbnail in the recommended 1280 x 720 size. There are a few tools which will help you to make one.
  • For your old videos, go back and upload thumbnails to each one and you will start getting some better click results.
  • Always make sure that your thumbnails are readable: Viewers will be able see it easily and get you know what video is all about at a glance

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Utilize playlists 

Playlists are very helpful. First of all, they help you link together certain videos right on your channel. So let’s say you did a Sequence of videos to increase your YouTube views and split into ten videos. You should create a playlist on your channel titled so that people could find them all in one place. But that has an additional benefit.

That is good because it introduce viewers to multiple videos instead of one and many will choose

To sum that up, YouTube playlists help you:

  • Increase rank of your video content for wide variety of phrases (which is also helpful for brand-focused results)
  • Improve engagement rate with your videos by giving your audience bunch of videos so that they can sit back and watch endlessly.

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