Do you know about these easy laptop problems

Some Common Laptop Repairs

There was a time when owning a laptop was considered a luxury. It was considered a status symbol for businessmen of repute. But, at present, even schools have included laptops as part of their study material. Coming to our article title, do you use the laptop to work from home? If so, then it becomes your vital support for earning money. It is mandatory that you have to keep the device in good working condition. You can have the most expensive laptop in the world, but one day, it will definitely get repaired. So let us look at some of the laptop repair problems –

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  1. It Is Not Charging

The most common reason will be – when the battery is worn out or there is a problem with the electricity socket. Check the laptop, does it give a signal, “consider replacing the battery.” Then the battery is doomed and it is advisable to buy a new one.

In case, you find the device does not get charged, remove the battery and put it back. It could also be a loss of connection between the battery and laptop. Now, if you still find the laptop is not getting charged, remove the battery but do not place it back.

If your laptop is connected to the AC adaptor/recharger and it is getting charged, the battery is the problem. You need a new one for replacement.

In case, if you find that every aspect is working fine, check the electricity connection. Does it give a spark in the socket? Then there is a problem with the connection. Do check with an electrician to fix the issue and in the meantime, make use of another electrical connection to recharge your laptop.

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  1. It Does Not Get Activated

You are working and suddenly the laptop closes down its shutters. Restoration has become impossible. Is it so? Then please find the reason.

One of the many common reasons is the AC adaptor (in this case, the battery has gone out of order). Take a voltmeter and check the AC adaptor. No sign of electricity? Yes. Then you need a new adaptor to fix the problem.

Another main reason – broken DC Jack. The AC adapter is working fine, but it cannot deliver the required power for the computer to perform its actions. There is an option to adjust the angle of the plugs in the jack. But the result could be dangerous. It is better to seek the services of a computer repair professional as he/she may know the reasons for this problem.

Let us say, you find that the AC adaptor and DC Jack is working fine. Then the only solution is to replace the motherboard.

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  1. Shutdowns

You are working on an important project, and suddenly your laptop goes off. The reason could be over-heating. In a similar situation, lift the laptop and check the bottom with your palm. Is it very hot? Then the main reason is overheating of the device.

The culprits are dust particles as they can clog the fans as well heat sink. If you know hardware and has worked on laptops, you can clean with the help of a brush. If you are not comfortable, there are always the home services companies who provide top quality computer repair services at your doorstep.

  1. Blank Screen

You laptop is turned on. You can hear the fan is doing its duty, but you still get the blank screen. In all possibilities, the reasons are a broken memory or motherboard.

  1. Rattling Noise

The laptop works fine, but you hear a strange metallic noise in the background. It might be the fan clogged full of dust, and it just requires a normal cleaning. But if the sound is coming from the hard drive, then it is a dangerous situation. You have to save the important files in another device. The hard drive might be broken, and you may have to replace it.

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Although, the focus has shifted from computer and laptops to mobiles, a significant number of homes in India have laptops. These devices give many advantages, but they can also become the main reason for complication when they do not work. So it is vital, you know the problems that can be easily fixed and those that are not.

Are you a free-lancer and based in Hyderabad? Do you work on projects from home via your laptop? Then this article must have helped you. In an unfortunate situation, your laptop has stopped and you are getting a blank screen, If you have tried all the above measures and still the device is not working, it is advisable to seek the services of a doorstep technician who specializes in laptop repairs in Hyderabad. You can hire the best by downloading the apps of home services companies and place a request. You can even schedule the service at your own convenient place and time. You will also be given a rare option to select the best of technicians based on reviews of previous customers, charges and your budget.

Keep the reasons ready when you get the call from the concerned technician. On the call, you can convey the points and he/she can come prepared to your home. Opt for the home services model to get your device restored to normalcy in a short time.

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