Key Factors of Managed WordPress Hosting

Being a beginner most of you must have wondering that what exactly is the Managed WordPress hosting?

While searching many of you must have come across to several different managed WordPress hosting service, and must have observed that the rates are quite high than compare to a standard shared hosting service.

Like most of the people, you must also have probably thought that why there is such a huge difference in its price? Is really a managed WordPress host truly reliable? Does my website require a managed WordPress hosting? Is a managed WordPress hosting deserving the price? If it is the fact, then which is the best top managed WordPress hosting provider?

If any of you have such question, then yes you are in a correct place. Here, in the post, we’ll highlight the key features, the advantages and, disadvantages of the managed WordPress hosting.

What do you mean by a managed WordPress hosting?

With the growing popularity and demand for WordPress, numerous Web hosting services has decided to get specialized in WordPress and provide what’s recognized as a managed WordPress hosting.

A Managed WordPress hosting service is that where all the technical aspects that run’s a WordPress is completely managed by a host. Including; daily backups, website uptime, scalability, speed, security and a WordPress updates. The main purpose of managed WordPress hosting is to provide a hassle-free experience so that you can concentrate only on your business.

The best valid part of a Managed WordPress hosting is its extreme support. The support is offered by an authentic experienced WordPress specialists rather than someone which reads and assist with a support manual.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Managed WordPress Hosting:

Even if the managed WordPress hosting sounds great but it is not for everyone. However, before making any final decision, just take a look at the advantages and the disadvantages of it:

Advantages of the Managed WordPress Hosting:

Fast Blazing:

Specially configured for a WordPress, the managed WordPress hosting servers blazes fast even after you websites spikes high with traffic load.


By default, you are hackers proof when you are with managed WordPress hosting service. It enables extremely high-security layer that scans actively for malware and blocking all the hacking attempts.

Expert Support:

Unlike other web hosting service, the supporting staffs are highly skilled in WordPress. They will assist you quickly, solve issues faster, and will notify you against using the plugins which can impact performances. Just like an army of experts by your side for support.

Daily Backups:

Creates daily backups and provides restore points if you require reverting.

Auto Updates:

You don’t need to bother about the updates, as they are automatically done.

No downtime:

No matter, how much your website gets a spike in traffic, your site will speed up with good performance and will never face a downtime.

You all must be thinking that the advantages of a managed WordPress Hosting sound quite amazing, but is there any disadvantages to it?

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting:

High Price Tag:

When compared with a shared hosting, a managed WordPress hosting cost more expensive. The basic plan normally starts at around $29/mo. whereas the shared hosting plan starts at $3.95/mo.[price may vary with the hosting provider]. But if running a serious business website, then certainly it’s a reliable option. As you go with the higher plan will generally result in high-level traffic and performance.


As the server architecture are specialized for WordPress you are limited to WordPress based website only. Many managed WordPress hosting services may disable or restrict some usable plugins that slowdowns a website. However, this is not completely a disadvantage; however it may affect larger companies.

Limited Control:

Since all the technical aspects are managed by someone else, you don’t have to say much as what gets changed. But it’s not the point, as you do not want the trouble of managing all things by yourself.

Now that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of a managed WordPress hosting, you must be thinking that is it the right solution for your business.

When to go for a Managed WordPress hosting service?

If you are just starting a blog, then you don’t require managed WordPress hosting. You can start with a basic WordPress hosting which is more affordable. However, we will recommend MilesWeb as they offer a fully loaded WordPress hosting service.

Lacking in technical skills, then regular hosts can create a hassle while your website grows. With a regular hosting, you are liable for speed, uptime, security, updates etc. Now if you have a small business and high traffic website it makes sense you go with managed WordPress hosting.

If require something that is fast blazing, outstanding support, and hassle-free service, then you should go with managed WordPress hosting. Basically, if you have a business website and can’t afford losing it, then pay some extra money for outstanding service that you’ll receive with a managed WordPress hosting.

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