Must-have jewelry for grooms

When we say “wedding”, everyone has a vision of a bride in her red lehenga and studded jewels adorned in stunning makeup looking downright gorgeous. It is a wish of almost every girl to look a vision on that day. But it is an important day in the groom’s life too. A man may not have put a lot of thought into how he is going to look in his own wedding, but you cannot fault him for wanting to look like Prince Charming on his D-day.

Must-have jewelry for grooms
Must-have jewelry for grooms

A bejewelled turban or safaa with beautiful prints and designs that go with his sherwani is a must on any groom’s jewellery list. Pearls and rubies, kundan stones or a cascading string of jewels on the turban add to its grandeur. If you don’t prefer heavy kundan work, turbans lined with stones or gold frills are also subtler but classier options.

A studded brooch is also a must-have in his list. Whether you are wearing a suit or a sherwani, a diamond-studded brooch adds class and elegance to your whole outfit without overwhelming the outfit. If the turban has rubies, make sure the brooch is coordinated with it to look like royalty.

A sherwani without a layered pearl necklace looks incomplete. A simple string of pearls is enough to make anyone look dashing, so why miss it on your D-day? Pearls with a strip of kundan work or rubies in the middle work very well with light-colored sherwanis.

Now, for the hands and fingers, it is all a balance act. If you are looking for a simple gold ring design for your fingers, make sure your bracelet is a chunky or a studded piece. If you are going for a studded ring coordinated with the rest of your outfit, an understated and simple gold bracelet design is going to balance the bling right. Alternatively, you can also wear a stunning timepiece and let go of the bracelet.

Some grooms want to wear sherwani for their special night and some grooms prefer a neat, well-tailored suit. No suit is complete without a pair of stunning cufflinks. Find the right size and make sure the colour stands out in your suit. This will add a posh look to you.

Both your sherwani as well as your wedding are incomplete without the infamous joota. It is essential to bring a complete ethnic look to your sherwani. Keep it simple with fine faux leather or go with a studded joota in an embroidered fabric. Remember to always check if the shoes fit your feet perfectly, for you need to dance, socialise and stand in them for a long time.

Moderation is the key to everything. If you are one of those guys who want to shine on their D-day, go for a studded affair by all means but make them look balanced. If you are someone who is comfortable with simple jewellery, keep the jewellery minimal and go for a sherwani that looks classy even without jewels. If you are wearing a suit, make sure the colour looks good on you and it is well tailored. Be who you are and be comfortable in your own skin. All the best!

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