Instagram Mistakes to Avoid for Creating a Robust Social Media Presence


Instagram Mistakes to Avoid for Creating a Robust Social Media PresenceSocial media marketers and brands are always craving for recognition. Around 71 percent of all US businesses are using Instagram and this makes Instagram a huge battlefield for acquiring brand recognition and success. Today, more and more companies are scrambling to get right on top. As social media presence plays a pivotal role in the success of a brand or business, you must remember to avoid all sorts of mistakes that are so common on Instagram.

Mistake No.1: Not Demonstrating Your Human Side

Most reputed brands are used to personalizing all their social media accounts. Consumers must be made to feel like family that would keep them connected with the brand and they would keep buying from them. Some of the top brands on Instagram actually include people in many of their pictures. Allow your personality to reflect in your pictures. Your posts could be humorous or serious exhibits of how the employees are working hard.

Mistake No.2: Posting Bad Photos

Most brands would not be having a fantastic budget for employing the services of a professional photographer for their posts on the social media. You may not require hiring a photographer or pay for him. Use smart photo editing tools so that even your ordinary pictures would be stealing the show. You may try and locate a colleague who has a fascination for photography and is a highly-skilled photographer and ask him to help you out. Marketing strategies need to be cohesive and well-directed. If you lack direction, your followers will not expect a lot from you. If your posting is haphazard and not purposeful, you will be sending a bunch of mixed messages that your audience will neither enjoy nor remember. You need to put more time into thinking and planning your content schedule and strategy so that the execution is smooth and masterful. You may get in touch with reliable sites such as stormlikes for seeking digital marketing assistance.

Mistake No.3: Misusing Hashtags

Twitter, then Instagram, and then most major social networks introduced hashtags to the world as a form of content categorization that opens up new avenues for discovery, marketing, engagement, and outreach. Unfortunately, if not used smartly, you could be bringing down the value of your content with your hashtags. Putting dozens of hashtags makes your post look like spam and also feels directionless. Using no hashtags whatsoever will likely reduce your post visibility to almost nothing. The idea is to strike a balance and find the best specific hashtags to achieve your purpose. You should come up with some new hashtags that are brand or campaign-specific and also some that are relevant but widely used so you can show up in all the right places whenever someone is looking.

Mistake No.4: Not Using It to Its Full Capability

Instagram is one of the best tools to reach your target audience; there’s no doubt there. However, a lot of marketers and brands tend to forget how useful it can be as a networking tool as well. B2C and B2B brands can certainly build a much stronger foundation by interacting with established as well as new players in the field. You should be open to network and collaborate because it not only earns you respect but also builds brand value. The favors you give out are returned in time as well.

Mistake No. 5: Spamming Incessantly

There’s no doubt that your service, product, or brand deserves recognition and should be put out there as soon as possible. Although, it is important to take a pause and understand that blatant advertisement or hashtag bombing is a sure-shot recipe for failure. You should learn how to promote your brand while adding value to the feed of any user who comes across the post or the advertisement. This intuition is developed by following the best in the business and by trying and tuning over time.


Instagram surely could be an amazing tool for connecting with the younger sections of the audience. You must seek expert advice on how best to utilize the platform for achieving the best results.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. He recommends sites such as stormlikes for professional guidance.


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