How To Wash Oven Gloves? – (A Short Guide)

Oven mitts happen to be an essential piece of your cooking gear. Though you might not think much about them while entering your kitchen to cook a meal for dinner.  

However, we know for sure that you can’t use your stovetop, your hot grill, or your oven if you don’t have a profound set of oven gloves by your side.  

These oven mitts aren’t something that is designed overnight. The manufacturers who design this oven mitt pay a lot of attention to the material, stitching and structure while texturing and lay-outing this masterpiece.  

Some of these oven mitts are built by adding durable materials like nylon, cotton, and silicone. 

This is what makes the cleaning process of the oven mitts quite a daunting task for the user, as one single wrong step of yours, and could ruin the entire quality, shape, and material of your oven mitt.  

Many people happen to be confused when it comes to cleaning these oven mitts up. 

The biggest confusion that people face is that they can’t decide whether they should throw this oven mitt straight into the dishwasher and washing machine, or they should clean them up by themselves. 

On the odds that you are one of those people who’s finding trouble in cleaning your oven gloves, then we surely have got you covered. 

In the guide below, we are about to provide you with a universal and versatile method of cleaning up your oven gloves.

No matter what type of material your glove comes with, this method of ours would surely work for you, and would provide you with incredible results! 

Step 1: 

This happens to be the fact that you have to take care from your own end. Normally, when a manufacturer textures an oven glove, he adds a small text or small label at the packing of the oven gloves. 

Now if you are wondering what tags your oven glove might come with then you don’t have to worry as we have got you covered in this regard.

That tag makes you aware that whether the one glove you have by your side is machine washable or not!  

Though the steps we are about to provide you below happens to be universal and can go through with every type of oven glove.

However, still for the sake of the safety of your oven gloves material and built, you should still consider whether your oven gloves are machine washable or not.   

If your gloves aren’t machine washable, you can still follow the procedures we are providing you below. However, now this would be a risk that you might have to take at your own risk. 

Step 2: 

First thing first, you need to take one tablespoon of baking soda and then add that into the small bowl you have by your side. 

Once you are done with this, you need to take out one tablespoon of dish soap and add it into the same bowl in which you have added your baking soda.

Now, grab the spoon you have on your side and mix your baking soda with dish soap present in the bowl. 

Step 3: 

Now you need to plug in the water pipe in your washing machine and start filling it with water. 

The thing you need to remember always is that, while filling your washing machine with the water, you need to make sure that the water should not be too cold, or too hot. It should be warm and moderate. 

Now add the laundry detergent (this is the mixture that we have asked you to make in the second step, the one with baking soda and dish soap) as per the prescribed amount that your oven glove is able to survive with ease. 

Once you have added the laundry detergent to the water, set the washing machine to one cycle, and insert your oven gloves in it. 

Start the washing machine and now wait for the one cycle to get complete. 

Step 4: 

As soon as the cycle of the washing machine gets complete, stop the washing machine and take out your oven gloves from it. 

Look whether your oven gloves are as good as new. If not, then it’s recommended to put them back in the washing machine for one more washing cycle. 

Once you are comfortable that all the stains and dust have been removed from your oven gloves, now is the time when you need to dry out the moisture and water off from your oven gloves. 

In order to dry out your oven gloves, you can do two things. Whether you can place your oven gloves in the dryer, that too on low heat. Or you can provide the air and make them dry. 

However, one thing we know for sure is that there is no need of adding the fabric softener to the oven gloves.

And by this, we present you your best oven gloves, as good as new! 


While wrapping it all up, if only you surf the internet for the viable ways in which you can clean your oven gloves, we are sure that you might come across several articles. 

Each article would be telling you their own tale of cleaning up your oven gloves. This is where people get confused as they can’t decide which method they should go for.

This is why in order to make things less confusing for the people, we have narrowed down one of the most common and one of the most versatile ways of cleaning up an oven glove. 

If only you stick by the instruction we have provided to you above, then we are assured of the fact that the result you might get would simply be incredible, that too without destroying or harming the quality of your oven gloves. 

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