How to become a strong and successful woman in 2018

How to become a strong and successful womanA New year calls for a new beginning. Every woman must face this one question once in her lifetime. Well, that’s not true. It’s a question, we have faced multiple times. How do all the successful women manage to do what they do? Here’s a little secret, well it’s not really a secret. It’s something a woman has to discover on her own.


Every woman has the power to achieve anything she sets her mind to and she can even reign over a kingdom if she desires.


There’s no particular science to it, to become successful. To be successful, you need to be passionate about something. Let it be a passion for your niche, i.e. your trade or a passion for making money.


As we have already discussed it’s not science. You need to believe in what you do and that you are going to be successful. So, let’s talk about few things that might help you believe in yourself and in turn pave the way to your success. Here are few things that will put you on the path to success.


1. Stand up for yourself.

This is the most important of all. Stand up for yourself. Because if you don’t do it, who will? Life is full of obstacles and more so, if you are a woman in a patriarchal society. Growing up, you are told that you are supposed to behave in a particular way because you are a woman. But if you want to succeed and be someone, then you shouldn’t let these things hold you back.


Don’t take shit from people just because you are told to. Ask questions, do not follow something blindly. It does sound redundant but do it! Stand up for yourself!


Do not cower in fear, it doesn’t become you. Be the fearless woman you are supposed to be.. To fly in the sky, you at least need to stand first.


    2.  Never depend on anyone

Be independent!! If you google independent, you will get its meaning as “free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority” and “not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence”.


Sometimes in life, you get stuck at a point because you are too dependant on someone. It is something else that will hold you back. It will stop you from moving forward.


When you are independent, things look different. You have a different perspective i.e. a way of looking at things. And you are free of all the restrictions that come along with depending on someone. There are no ties holding you back. And at the end of the day, it makes you feel a lot better about yourself. Just think about it? Whatever you have, you have earned it without anyone’s help. You alone get to decide how to lead your life.


Don’t know how or where to start? Think of a small task that you would need someone’s help with. Then do it all by yourself. You might not get it right the first time. But don’t give up, try until you get it right. So, that’s how you take charge of your own life one step at a time.


3. Love the way you are

Sometimes you can be your biggest enemy. Stop telling yourself, ‘I am too fat for that dress’ or ‘I wish I had more curves’, stop putting yourself down..


You are not fat, you are a full-figured curvy woman. Embrace your curves. You are not thin, you are athletic. We always envy what other people have. Stop doing that, be proud of yourself.


If you think that a particular look is not working out for you then get a makeover!

Not only will you feel a lot better after it. It will also be fun.


When you look in the mirror next time. Don’t think about what you want to change, think about what you appreciate and compliment yourself.


A lot of people have a definition of beauty, it’s fair, thin, and demure. But beauty cannot be actually defined. It comes from within you. When you start believing that you are beautiful, people will compliment you on it.


4. It’s okay to make mistakes.

How would you learn if not for mistakes?


It’s absolutely fine to err. The mistakes you make tell you where you went wrong the first time and you can step to avoid the same outcome again.


This way you get to learn from your mistakes. Every mistake is a new lesson for your life. So don’t worry. Do your work with passionately, work hard, and learn a new thing every day.

5. Don’t believe that you can’t do it because you are a woman.

There must have been times in your life when you thought, ‘If only I was a man, I could have done that.” You don’t need to be a man to do the half of the things they do. It’s true that women are considered nurturers but same can be said for men as well.


Your being a woman makes you that much stronger, even physical strength can be gained over time, but very few men can compete with women when it comes to emotional strength.


It’s true, you might be called too emotional or a lot of people would say “How like a woman to show her emotions”. And why aren’t men allowed to cry? It’s okay to just let go of all your worries and just cry. You will feel way better after you do that.





So, next time you think “I can’t do that, I’m a woman’.

Tell yourself, so is your mother, so were Mother Teresa, Marilyn Monroe, Maya Angelou, Margaret Thatcher, Marie Curie and countless other successful women. And truth be told these successful women are not just in our history books, you can find them in every corner of your life.


Think of the woman who owns a bakery shop, then about the woman who runs a cafe, a successful lawyer, a doctor or a youtube star. You can find them everywhere. They will inspire you to do better and be so much more.


The secret to success starts from believing in yourself and finally in believing that you can do it. It’s true for both women and men everywhere.

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