Holi 2018: Skin And Hair Care Tips To Ensure A Safe And Happy Holi

Holi 2018: Skin And Hair Care Tips To Ensure A Safe And Happy HoliWith Holi being just around the corner, usher in the festival of colours singing to the tunes of ‘Rang Barse’. It the times of gulal, of an array of colours to smear each other, it is the festival that talks of love, celebrations and not to forget the sinful Bhaang. To groove into the music of Holi to the fullest, gear up this year with certain tips in terms of hair and skin care.

The strong colours of Holi lead to substantial damage of the hairs and skin. The synthetic composition does cause immense damage in the said cases. It leads to skin and scalp irritations, skin rashes, inflammations and other allergies to be precise. It is better to take precautions pre and post-Holi to lessen the damage to put it precisely.

Holi 2018: Skin And Hair Care Tips To Ensure A Safe And Happy HoliLet’s avoid the different side effects and allergies and keep all the associated woes at bay as we celebrate Holi 2018 with the following skin and hair care tips:

  • Go Natural: First and foremost remember to opt for natural products for the pre and post pampering sessions in respect of skin and hair care. The organic products happen to be free of any kind of synthetic chemicals or harsh metals and cause no damage to the hairs or skin. Being free of any kind of side effects, it makes for the ideal choice in this regard.
  • Play With Organic Colours: It comes as the most important factor that it is best to opt for organic colours for it is chemical free and comprises of mainly herbal components. It is ideal that you opt for this range of herbal colours this Holi.
  • Coat The Hairs With A Herbal Hair Colour: Herbal Hair Colour doesn’t penetrate the hair shafts to deposit the colour like that of synthetic hair colours, rather it coats the hairs with a protective layer that is sure to prevent damage incurred from the holi colours for it is already protecting the hair follicles with a layer of the Herbal Hair Colour. Before you choose to go and play, make sure to colour your tresses with a Herbal Hair Colour that causes no damage to the scalp and the hairs. Also you can style up your glamour quotient as you choose to rock the Holi look with a Herbal Hair Colour that helps to get you highlights or a funky dip dyed technique.
  • Apply Oil On The Hairs: Before heading out to participate in the Holi celebrations, it is important that you apply oil on the hairs for it doesn’t let the colours soak in. Are you worried about that greasy look after application which can completely mess up your style statement? Well, take your pick with a non-greasy natural oil like coconut oil, sweet almond oil or Argan oil that are non-greasy and are used for styling purposes.
  • Apply Moisturiser on the skin: Remember to apply either a cream, moisturiser or petroleum jelly on the face and the exposed parts of the body before you join in the celebrations on the upcoming festival of colours. This shall combat skin damage in the best possible manner.
  • Go In For Soothing Face Packs Post-Holi: Once you are done with the celebrations remember to go in for face packs that get you a soothing effect. The face might become done, prone to irritations and breakouts after Holi, but make sure you take your pick with natural face masks like Sandalwood, Charcoal and pamper your skin to a rejuvenating session with herbal face masks right at the comfort of your home.
  • Wash Your Hairs With An Organic Shampoo: To get rid of the colours, make sure you use a mild herbal shampoo for it leads to no further damage.
  • Opt For Warm Oil Therapies For The Hair: It is important that you take care of your tresses and scalp once you are done with the celebrations. The strong chemicals of the Holi colours are prone to make your hairs dry and cause certain damage in the said case. Warm oil treatments like coconut oil, olive oil, etc. is something that helps vitalise the hairs, combat damage and helps do away with dryness while getting you softer, smoother and healthier tresses in the most natural manner.
  • Take Your Pick With Organic Spas: It is extremely important that you care for your tresses to the utmost post-Holi because the colours can do more harm than imagined. The organic hair spas can be applied at home at your own free time and being made from certified organic components it actually can work wonders for the hairs especially during the respective period.

Have a happy Holi 2018, but remember to take note of these tips to ensure a safe and colourful Holi.


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