Here’s How Schools Are Adopting Digital Signage to Enjoy Significant Benefits Daily

Here's How Schools Are Adopting Digital Signage to Enjoy Significant Benefits Daily

Schools are the hubs of all kinds of learning activities, extracurricular clubs and awareness campaigns in the community. Sometimes, the authorities have to communicate with hundreds and even thousands of students at a time. Over the years, principals and teachers have realized that notice boards and occasional announcements are not enough to reach the masses. They need something more powerful to penetrate deeper and quicker into the mass of students and concerned parents. Several high schools are finding it convenient to employ digital signage to bridge the communication gap between the authorities and several target groups.

Millennial students love everything dynamic!

Dynamic displays are the best way to grab the attention of the students, who are already in tune with the evolution of technology and gadgets. Millennials are among the highest users of smart technologies. Therefore, employing digital signage for schools and colleges is one of the best ideas that can conserve time, effort, energy and funds.

Six advantages that will make you say yes to digital signage

You may be wondering if your school needs a dose of modern technology in the form of digital signage. So, here are the top 6 reasons the other schools in your neighborhood have already welcomed digital signage inside their premises in the last few months

Better safety for students and teachers

The digital display systems serve as a wonderful emergency alert system. Once the authorities manage to place these displays strategically inside the building or around campus, they can easily broadcast emergency messages that will reach the target audiences. They can play a crucial role to keep the students and teachers safe. Whether it is oncoming bad weather or an accident near the school, the school authorities can always alert the students and teachers successfully, on time.

Digital menu boards

Digital menu boards are not just for fast food chains and restaurants. Even the school cafeteria can embrace the latest avatar of technology. Digital displays can showcase the day’s specials, their prices, the calorific content of each item, the ingredients, and possible allergens. It can make the lunch queues shorter, perceived waiting time lesser and the chances of allergy-related fiascos a lot slimmer. Digital menu systems in canteens can help students become more conscious of what they are eating and can help them make informed choices about their daily meals.

Helping the students move faster

Have you ever wondered if there’s a faster route from the auditorium to the fields? Well, you can stop wondering and start looking for it in the digitized map of the entire school building. It is useful at the beginning of each new session. School campus maps on digital signboards across the hallways and passages can help new students find their classes without any confusion. Not only will it save time between transits. It will also make the school a much safer place for students and teachers alike. These maps can highlight fire exits, earthquake shelters and cyclone shelters inside the school premises for everyone. Interactive wayfinding is always productive when there is a colorful map of the campus present right in front.

Promotion of special events

When the school session starts, it brings along a flurry of new events and announcements. Updates about summer sports competitions, drama club auditions, music band openings, math quiz clubs, job fairs, school dances and charity events find their places on the notice board. By the end of a month, the board becomes so crowded that it becomes impossible to locate flyers from two weeks ago! With digital signage, this will not be a problem anymore. All the important announcements about events and extracurricular clubs can go in the system. Students can find out all about competitions, quizzes, auditions and dances on time from the cycling content on the digital signboards. A little bit of razzle-dazzle, of course, helps to attract attention faster!

Better communication scopes

Content on the digital signage can be for everyone in and around campus, unlike posters and flyers that are not amicable to change. The digital displays can present new content for strengthening communication. They function based on a remote network that the authority can control using their mobile phones, CMS platform compatible applications and content widgets on their PCs. There are several ways to control the content and modify the same, as long as the person has the authentication details. Since the digital signage system conveys critical information and educational material to students, the network is entirely secure. The transfer of data from the remote device to the system is encrypted. Therefore, the school authorities can update the content and relax. A robust CMS platform can take care of the content relay, seamless display, pre-scheduled exhibitions and more.

It saves bucket-loads of money

Employing digital signage always saves energy. It replaces the use of paper and ink cartridges with digital content that you can modify without wasting resources. Small changes in event plans need massive overhaul including the recall of posters and notices from around the campus. That is quite the waste of paper and ink! On the other hand, digital displays need a few clicks and tweaks to adjust the content as per new requirement. As you can already understand, aside from reducing wastage, digital signage can also reduce expenses. The ROI and ROO are quite high for all kinds of digital signage systems in schools and colleges, since the initial investment is quite low and the wastage is minimal.

Digital signage has become one of the most efficient systems that fulfill the needs of daily communication, education, information dispersal, emergency broadcasts and cost-effective management of communication for all institutions. Schools and colleges primarily benefit from the digitization of signage since they can easily use their flexible and compliant nature to adjust the content daily as per the needs of their students, parents, and teachers.

Author bio: Karen Anthony is a member of the team of developers and researchers working on digital signage for schools and colleges. Her work has helped to optimize a cost-effective CMS platform for schools and develop several widgets for remotely controlling the content of the display.


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