How to help students overcome depression

What is depression?

Depression is one of the common issues not only in students but also in people of all ages. It is a common illness which more than three hundred people from all over the world suffer from. Though depression is found for short periods in most of them, once it starts lasting for a long time, it can be a serious health issue.

They come across heavy losses when they enter the stage of long-lasting depression. They find it hard to concentrate on their work or studies, they undergo health issues and they usually end up fighting for no particular reason as such and this leads them to break their relationships. Depression can lead them to become alcoholics and drug addicts. There are high chances of them even committing suicide without any particular reason.

As there are already some many people who are victims of depression and as per the studies the number can gradually increase. The increase in the numbers of people suffering from depression, also the increases the demand for psychologists and psychiatrists. There are many who study psychology online as well as offline. For online people go for the online psychology colleges to study under the best psychology teachers.

Why is depression common in students?

Students usually get into depression due to the overload in their studies and the unnecessary tension they take due to this. Today we live in a world full of competitions. Students compete with each other to come first and during the competition, they forget about exercising so that they get energy and always stay fresh and healthy. Most of the students skip their meals often due to the tension they take about their studies. They save that little time also to study to achieve ranks. They hardly sleep and spend their whole night revising and learning new concepts.

All these symptoms are mostly found in students preparing for their higher secondary exams or their pre-university exams. It’s during their pre-university, they prepare for competitive exams like IIT and medicine. You go to places like Kota which is well known for coaching for competitive exams and the place is piled up with students. An average number of students suicide in Kota just because they couldn’t get the rank they wanted or because they couldn’t get a seat into any IIT or medical institutes. In fact, these students spend almost all the nights of the year sleeplessly dreaming and working hard for that seat in that particular field.

How to overcome depression?

Depression can be easily taken over with simple formulas. Making few changes in the lifestyle can help you be away from depression. Even if there is a small hint depression you feel or any of you dear ones feel, make sure they are taken to a psychologist or a psychiatrist. There are many who are moving to the world of psychology due to their interest and it is also important for the society to have a good psychologist as the number of people with depression is increasing. People look out for the online psychology degrees to get on of the best degrees.

Stop taking unnecessary tension for studies, ranks and marks. As a rank might get a once in a lifetime happiness for which you have to sacrifice your health and lifetime memory creating moments. After so much sacrifice and struggle, in the end, you may have a satisfaction of getting high ranks but there may hardly be anyone to share this happiness with. You might have given up your friendships and other relationships for this rank.

Plan things so that you don’t mess up with things in the end and take tension of how to complete your portions within the short span of time and you can achieve your goals.

Parents and teachers must always be the right guides and also be completely supportive and full of motivation. They must be always ready to console the children and give them rays of hope without stressing them. With good understanding teachers and parents, most of the issues the students face can be sorted out.


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