Habits That Ruin Your Teeth

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Do you want white smile? But probably the things you do in everyday life, you could be ruining your chances. Smile is the first thing people notice about you. In our daily life we care only about brushing and flossing. But actually we may have some bad habits which might be damaging our teeth. We assumed that we have mastered the brushing. But in reality we keep on doing the things which keep those pearl white healthy & happy. Everyone tends to develop some bad habits. There are lot of things that may damage your teeth. We generally blame common suspects like sodas, chocolates however they are not always the culprits. Dentists in Nagpur will help you in overcoming these habits.

Below are the habits that you need to avoid.

ICE CHEWING: Craving for ice? Well we all have this. Ice crushers and blenders are perfect to crush ice. Although, chewing   ice looks like a pretty harmless activity. But, if you are crushing ice with your teeth on regular basis, think of the repercussions. Ice chewing is very harmful. Chewing ice can result in cracked & chipped teeth. It damages the tooth enamel. You can get sore jaw muscles. Even you may face problem with your existing dental fillings and crowns.

Why do we chew ice?

Chewing ice is a medical condition known as “Pica” In these condition patients has a craving for chewing items with no nutrition value, such as ice, clay, dirt, chalk etc.  Chewing on ice is the most common form of pica.


Get a physical check up for anaemia or iron deficiency. Visit your dentist. Try ice chilled drinks rather than ice chunks.

TEETH GRINDING: Teeth grinding is a condition caused by stress or anxiety. Most people who has habit of teeth grinding aren’t aware that they are doing it. This habit can be developed at any age. This is done usually done in sleep but sometimes may happen when you are awake.

Why we do teeth grinding?

Causes of teeth grinding can be anxiety, stress, alcohol, smoking, sleep disorder & depression.


Visit your dentist to evaluate the causes of teeth grinding and develop a treatment plan for you.

BITING NAILS:  gnawing on nails is a very common sight. Nail biting is called as “onychophagia” This habit not only wreaks havoc on nails but also can damage the teeth. This habit begins in childhood. Nails are very tough and can damage your tooth enamel. This habit can be bad if you are wearing braces and dental fillings. This habit is very hard to break.


  • The majority ofdrugstores also provide a nail polish that tastes unpleasant force you to not wish to munch on these ever again.
  • Lengthyor ragged fingernails frequently trigger individuals to want to gnaw.
  • Haveperiodic manicures or even obtain synthetic fingernails given that nibbling on these could be hard.
  • Always keepyour hands occupied. Press a stress ball, knit, stretch out, doodle, tuck doing laundry, enjoy videogames or perhaps anything else works best for
  • Maintainthe fingernails small as well as filed

SPORTS WITHOUT MOUTH GUARD:  Wearing a mouthguard while taking part in sports activities diminishes the chance of accidents to the oral cavity or jaw. Certain sports people don’t prefer to put on mouthguards due to the hassle of their look while putting on one , however a lot more accidents sometimes happens while not wearing a mouthguard that may have an effect on the physical appearance in a more annoying means. Mouth guards provides protection against

Tooth Fractures

Tooth Replacement

Protection against soft tissue damage.

Protection against jaw fractures.

Using mouth protectors will not only protect  you from dental a & jaw injuries but also prevent your dental braces and  dental fillings etc.

USING TEETH AS TOOL: Teeth should not be used as tools. Many people have this habit of using teeth as a tool, for them it is difficult to break this habit. We use teeth for doing various things like to pop a bottle cap, cut a tread or open a plastic wrapper, break a tag on clothing, unscrew bottle tops. This can do a lot of damage or even break your teeth.

Take care of your teeth it will be with you for rest of your life.

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