Get the Migration Agent Adelaide Free Consultation for Different Subclasses of Visas

Get the Migration Agent Adelaide Free Consultation for Different Subclasses of VisasAustralia has many attractions for overseas residents. These are study for higher education, employment, harmonious and high lifestyle, a blend of old and modern culture and encouragement and facilities provided by the Australian government. Therefore, more and more people want to migrate to Australia for temporary period or for permanent residence.

Visa is the primary requirement for coming in and going out of Australia. If you are an aspirant to migrate to Australia, the Migration agent Adelaide free consultation will assist you in obtaining visas. There are 90 subclasses of visas for Australia. The following are brief resumes of a few of the eligibility criteria of visa applications

1: Marriage and Partner Visas

You are eligible to apply for Partner Visa or Prospective marriage visa if you have a relationship with an Australian citizen, Permanent Resident (PR) or eligible New Zealand citizen. You have to apply for Prospective Marriage visas, offshore Australia. These are temporary visa and are valid for 9 months. If you get married within 9 months, you can apply for onshore Partner visa. For Partner visa, you must have lived with your marred partner for at least 12 months.

2: Skilled Migration Visas

You should be below the age of 45 years, should have good knowledge in English language, qualification, skills and work experience for an occupation that is mentioned in the Strategic Skills list or Nominated Occupation list of a state or a territory of Australia. Before applying for visa, you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)

3: 186 Visas for Skilled Workers

You can get the visa under 3 streams, namely i) Temporary Transition Stream required by 457 visa holder for which you must have worked in Australia, ii) Direct Entry Stream for those who have not worked or have worked for a brief period, iii) Agreement Stream meant for those who have been sponsored by an Australian employer. You must be below 50

4: Working Holiday Visas

You posses a valid passport from an eligible country and are aged between 18 and 30. If granted, you can enter into Australia for 12 months and work for a short term during your stay. The eligible countries are Canada, Republic of Cyprus, Belgium, Finland, France, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Republic of Ireland, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Italy, Malta, Japan, Norway, Sweden, the Netherland, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

5: Work and Holiday Visas

If you are a citizen from the USA, you must have successfully completed High School studies. You must have a degree or diploma if you are from Thailand. A Thailand citizen must be a university graduate or a 3rd year undergraduate university graduate. Those from other counties must have completed two years of undergraduate university study. Eligible countries are Bangladesh, Argentina, China, Chile, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Thailand, Uruguay and the USA

6: Graduate Visas

You are below 50 and have completed a Degree, Diploma or Trade qualification from Australia during the past 6 months from an Australian educational institution. You should have fulfilled the requirements related to Graduate Work Stream or Post-Study Work Stream, Health and Character and possess good English knowledge. You can include the names of your partner and children below 18 years for migrating to Australia with you.

7: Student Visas

There are more than 40 Universities, more than 1000 Vocational Education and Training Colleges Primary and Secondary Schools in Australia for pursuing English Language course. You can obtain a Student visa for studying in any of these institutions, according to the level of your current education. You can include the names of your partner or unmarried dependent child so that they can go to Australia with you. You should have the financial capability to support yourself or your family members during your stay in Australia.

8: Resident Return Visas (RRV)

With the most permanent visas, you can re-enter Australia for the first 5 years. In case you are holding a permanent visa for 5 years and intend to travel overseas, you have to first apply for a Resident Return Visa and if granted, you can re-enter Australia. RRV is meant for those who do not live in Australia or have lived for a long period outside Australia. The process for this kind of visa is very complicates. But, Adelaide Migration agent can make it easy for you.

9: Visitor Visas

With these visas, you can travel to Australia for business, holiday or to visit your family members residing in Australia. You can submit your application for this visa before coming to Australia. You can also apply for Electronic Authority (ETA) from another country. It is valid for 12 months

10: Business and Investment Visas

This category includes Business Skills Visa if below 55 years, Significant Investor Visa for making an investment of $5,000,000 AUD. This is a temporary visa valid for 4 years, Investor Retirement Visas for living in Perth, Melbourne, New South Wales, Brisbane and invest at least $50,000 AUD.

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