Are Futons OK for Sleeping on Every Night?

You own a futon mattress and you wonder what will happen if I replace my current bed with a futon mattress? Can I sleep on it every night? 

If you want to replace your current bed setup for any reasons such as it is covering a bit more space than it should, or you are shifting your bedroom or even your room and you don’t want to take the bed with you and you wonder what it would be better if you can sleep on a futon. 

To answer your question Yes you can use this as a sleeping mattress as in japan they still use this way of sleeping it can be comfortable but it doesn’t provide sufficient space to sleep in. 

For sleeping on a futon, you can get a ticker mattress to increase comfortability factor, if you are deciding to purchase a Futon then consider this article of Best Comfortable Futons for Sleeping.

Factors That Depends on a Comfortable Futon Mattress

Are Futons OK for Sleeping on Every Night

A futon mattress should provide a relaxing and comfortable sleep to the consumer and should not develop backaches when used. 

Most of the futons can do that and to prevent that you should get a premium quality mattress which is thicker and can hold up weight consistently as you cannot move around on a futon. 


Affordability is the main factor on which all the Futon mattresses depend as they can be inexpensive for most people and are the best option for a single person. 

When directly compared to bed they cannot take the place of a bed but they can provide an intense level of comfort at a lower price than a bed. This factor could be very important for some people who are making space in their houses or apartments. 

Compact & Space Saver

A futon is relatively compact than a bed as it folds to a couch hence providing you multiple functions at the same time.

Just unfold it and viola here is your mattress. They also help you to be organized and make your room look cleaner and more minimal if you want a minimal theme across your house or room. 

Talking about small apartments they are really helpful in providing extra space when needed as I said they can be folded and unfolded, this being the best option if you have a small house/apartment. 

Design & Structure

Are Futons OK for Sleeping on Every Night

Futons have been around since ancient times and they have evolved through time. They have evolved in a more fashionable and stylish way being more subtle and unique in every way. You can choose them according to your house furniture décor theme as they are available in different colours and designs. 

Now: coming towards the built structure they have evolved in that aspect also as now there are futons which have a wooden frame with a comfortable mattress adjusted between the frame thus providing a cosy and sleek vibe.

Hence, I would recommend you to have a futon as they can be more stylish than a bed. And now they are made with premium quality material to ensure that they can last for years. 

Multipurpose Functions

You want a chilling night with your friends and for some reason, you have a small apartment or house a futon can make that happen as I mentioned before that they can be folded and unfolded. When they are unfolded, they serve as a sleeping mattress. 

But when they are folded, they turn themselves into a couch hence providing the same comfort while sitting. So, I would prefer to get on as it has multipurpose functionality and can fulfil your required needs. 

So, watch that interesting game with your friend in your house without worrying about compact space or unorganized house, because it is proven that when your bed is clean your room looks cleaner. 


I’ll cut to short yes you can sleep on a futon every night as it has a comfortable and cosy feel thus it can replace your current bed or solve your problem and save some money for buying a bed.

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