Fun Games to Play When Bored

Do you face trouble in finding something important to do and that ticking clock seems like dead even you just filled it with those Duracell or whatever?

Don’t worry because if you have your smartphone, tablet or just desktop with a stable net connection, then you are not going to be bored ever because there are lot of crazy stuff to do when bored like playing game, watching movies, and make funny videos etc.

In today article, I am going to share some best online games to play when you’re bored.

These are simple games that you can perform whenever you want to kill that slowly ticking time. If you are ready with your joystick or just keyboard, then you are not going to face that boredom again because here is my list of games to play online when bored.

Gaming using CDs is a traditional way now, so don’t go for buying a game, instead use your device and have these games to play when bored directly from your internet connection.

Games to Play When Bored


Try if you wish to play a multiplayer game online, it is like eat-or-be-eaten just like that but with an improved version where you have to kill your enemies or you are just a piece of their meal.

The game provides you skills that you have to gain to defeat your enemies better by using Acceleration, Stop, and Ghost. These three skills make the entire game entertaining and time killing.

So and you are going to have a great fun together, also you would get an option to boost your health by consuming the health boosters. So don’t forget to try this one when you search games to play when bored.

2). Funky Truck

Anyone can enjoy this game in single player more.  The game seems like an off-road driving but in the arcade, so you can enjoy driving your own truck delightfully with perfect visual and gaming features.

This monster truck game enables its player to bounce, flip, and fly where you have to set your eyes on that clock with limited time and complete your track.

All the necessities are also available to get a high speed and he levels are well-designed with different tracks like towering hills, valleys, and galore, etc. so what are you waiting for, just get the game and set your glory for Funky Truck.

3). Daymare Town

You all have heard the word ‘Nightmare’ but this game is about the Daymare and if you are considering it as a horror one, then yes it is a series that seems a horror play.

The game includes several mystery puzzles with a great collection of creepy artwork and the perfect matching background music that walks along the game to give the perfect horror kind of feeling.

In the game, you are trapped in a town and your main aim is to make an escape for yourself from that ghost like town. So check out this game to have a creepy experience and check your escaping skills by graying out this one in your list of games to play when bored.

4). Sky Chasers

If you have tried your skills with the classic Lunar Lander, then Sky chasers can be a familiar one to you and easy to accomplish. The game is about the female pilot named a Max who is in the cardboard box attached with the rockets both side.

Your mission is to get across every level or world earning coins and defeating all the traps there. There are several fantastic levels with bombastic traps, twisting tunnels, and enemies that ever end.

So you have to maintain your life levels while crossing each level widely, the more you earn and fly, the more you achieve and get new spaceships with innovative designs.

5). Letterpress

Letterpress is perfect if you want a two-player mode, like its name, it’s a word game where your mission is to make words as many as you can.

It seems like a healthy blend of Scrabble and Risk that is flawlessly driven by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It provides a 5×5 board where you have to find pair of valid words, so it’s not that simple to in here on the Letterpress.

There are some advanced elements to make the game even more exciting like tile-stealing and board-coloring, so it’s worth tying among these games to play when bored.


It is the snake game where you gain size for your snake by offering him food just like the It can be performed in multiplayer mode where you begin with a tiny looking snake and as you progress the size gets on and on.

The small snakes here are food for larger snacks so whenever your snakes trap the small one, he gets food automatically. The game is a great choice because of the concept and eye-catching graphics. If you liked this game, you should check 10+ Best Games like

7). Karoshi Suicide Salaryman

The game is about a salaryman or an office worker who find different and unique ways to kill himself. So your objective is to help him with finding new ways to commit suicide because he is not happy and hopeless in his life.

There are total 50 lives when you start the game and then you have to kill yourself as being the Karoshi in each level and this way the suicide game works.

8). Trivia Machine

Just like the Trivia night where you play quizzes, use your skills and give correct answers to win. The game follows the footsteps of the real Trivia quizzes and there are different categories so you can choose as per your choice.

The categories are music, history and movies, so the game is going to be a cool one among games to play when bored where you can check your level of intelligence.


The all games mentioned here are really fantastic time killers and Free-to-play with just a dice and an internet connection. You can either choose single player or multiplayer accordingly and many of these allow communication with the players and track your performance regularly. So get stress free and exercise your brain by trying thee awesome games to play when bored.

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