Free part closure vs lace frontal – Which one should you go with?

Here we talk about what is the difference between free part closure and lace frontal, before explaining these; I just want you guys to know some basics about these. So let’s talk about, what is closure? A closure is a portion of hair (about 3-5 inches wide/long) ventilated in either lace, Swiss lace, or a silk base made to imitate the scalp and give full protection to your hair! They can be sewn, taped, or glued down, there is also lace closure and lace closure is great because it gives you a flat and smooth appearance.

However, the downside for a “Lace Closure” has to bleach or tone the knots or base of the closure or adding concealer for it and make sure you blend it properly with your scalp when you blend it properly it gives you a more natural look.

Now, what is frontal? A frontal is a hairpiece that simply adjusts in your head. Similar to a closure, but different in that a  frontal  covers the entire front of  your  head  or  hairline with the frontal, you can make easily high bun with your hair or ponytail there is no any problem and with it your hair looking nicely in natural, like your gorgeous real hair. While you may be anxious about showing your edges, a frontal covers them and gives you a hairline.

Free part closure vs lace frontal – Which one should you go with?
Free part closure vs lace frontal – Which one should you go with?

What is free part closure?

Free Part Closure has the ability to have a part anywhere.  Middle, side, and three parts if the closure is full lace, the part can still are placed where you like using a little water and re-parting with a comb. These just provide a pre-plucked, pre-made part to make fixing a little bit easier. A free part closure has the ability to be parted anywhere throughout the closure, the three-part closure can only be parted where the three parts are unless you want to handle the closure by pulling hair out. It’s just the way the hair is fixed on the lace.

Why go for free part closure?

The free part closure allows for parting anyway you prefer. In additional or these extraordinary advantages, If you want most of two so you just have to cut your expenses because most of two are not reasonable than free part closure. The three lace closure doesn’t have any difference in the look wise, texture wise and fixing. They are all 100% human hair. They are same good and all are easy to style, wear but it is essential that you bleach the knots for either style of closure. Normally people dislike when some people wear a three-part closure without bleaching the knots.

The three-part closure or middle part closure. They surely depend upon face space, because everyone has different face spaces and free part closure not depending on your face space. Middle part or three parts doesn’t suite the long face for it draws the face length wards and makes someone look weird. So, the free part closure may be a better choice for a long face.

Three-part and middle part are nothing special. When we wash many times, it isn’t much change from a closure.

What is lace frontal?

A lace frontal is used when you want to refresh the entire hairline from ear to ear and about 2 inches back. Frontals are also really popular for women who have traction alopecia or thinning edges. Natural or real color lace front closure, 13*4inch, Swiss lace, medium brown lace, this is 7A virgin human hair lace frontal. Lightly bleached knots to avoid shedding problem. For looking the best natural real hairs, the lace frontals can be dyed, curled, straightened and restyled as you like.

Why go for lace frontal?

For ear to ear lace front closure is more convenient to wear.  There are many women who wear lace frontals and use them when they want to try an entirely different look, colour, texture from their natural hair colour and when they want to protect their edges and hair than they normally leave out in sewing in hair extensions. Lace frontal protect your hair but it all depends on your upkeep, if you get the proper maintenance, proper fix and if you remove yours properly.

A lace frontal covers the whole hairline and also will allow you to achieve a seamless style that you can pull behind your face. Lace frontal closure 13×4 saves fewer hair bundles compared to lace closure. It seems that lace frontal is expensive individually but from the entire, you can buy fewer hair bundles to match. Thus, you also save sew-in and wear smoothly.

Almost everyone like the freedom of deciding where to part the closure. Some people have opinions like the only downfall to a free part closure is that the client has to try a little harder to keep up with the part once they leave the stylist. Otherwise, it is more convenient or comfortable for the stylist since they can freely part it, usually the cheaper option, and has the ability to look more real and natural.

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