How should I fill and clean my cat’s litter box?

Keeping a pet is not only very critical but also need lots of effort and care. If you own a cat, then it is essential to look after their hygiene as well as managing their litter box for their pooping. The primary concern of keeping a litter box is making them happy as well as controlling the odor and dirt inside and outside the house.

If you are looking for a complete guide for your cat’s litter box cleaning and keeping you must follow a simple routine so that the health of your cat is to maintain.

Why do I need a cat’s litter box?

If you have a cat and needs a litter box for it, there are many to choose from the market; now some are even clean itself. It’s a long list of the best litter box for cats which you can buy but keep in mind that you must have the right one according to you and your cat’s need.

It is essential to get an indoor litter box for your cat as for many reasons including:

1. Restricting and preventing the cat from pooping everywhere in-house:

If you don’t have a litter box, your cat might end up pooping everywhere inside and outside the house. That is why your home can end up smelling like poop and urine and therefore it is essential for you that your cat owns a litter box where it can do all the waste and not spoiling and polluting your place at all.

2. Reducing the health risks for your cat:

As cats poop and urine on the soil but when we keep them indoors, we don’t have earth to let them do their job so they can do it anywhere they want as well as it will increase the health risk for your cat at the same time. That is why they collect all the germs and bacteria in their paws and bring inside the house. Also when you engage your cat with love and affection, they can infect you with these germs too. Therefore a right litter box can limit the germs and bacteria from entering your cat’s body as well as you.

3. Training it to poop at the right place:

While keeping a pet requires lots of efforts, you need to teach them too, which includes letting them use the litter box for urine and poop. Therefore you can keep them healthy and male most out of the litter box in maintaining hygiene and health of your family as well as the cat.

4. Less cleaning and good hygiene for cat and owner:

When the cat urine and poop all over your place, there is more cleaning require and many times the cat chose a dark or corner place to do it which makes it more difficult to track it and it can make lots of odor when you are unable to find the poop at the right time. Therefore once you get the litter box, less cleaning is required as well as the cat will remain clean so as your home.

How to maintain the cat litter box?

Well buying a litter box for a cat is one thing and maintains it is another. The owner must have to keep in mind few things before buying and using the litter box such as:

• The litter box needs cleaning too, which can be done for urine twice a week and dry poop every day. In case you have urine try, it requires washing every day also.

• The soil of the litter box needs to be changed every 15 days, or if you own a kitten, it can exceed one more week too.

• Also, make sure to empty the litter box every twice a month and wash it with soap and water. Also, let it dry before refilling the new soil in it.

Filling and cleaning of cat litter box:

Since you know that why do you need a cat litter box and how to maintain it, you might ask how can you clean and fill the litter box for the cat. The litter box usually comes with the soil which is highly absorbent and soaks up the urine instantly. Therefore you have first to empty the used dirt first. Wear a glove to protect your hands and get started.

You have to dispose of the used soil in a garbage can in a plastic garbage bag which makes it less in contact with the humans and animals. Now wash the litter box with clean water and detergent. Now let it dry and assemble it again. Put the new packet of soil in the litter box, and you are right to get started.

Cleaning the litter box:

For cleaning urine the litter box sometimes comes with the tray which collects the urine underneath, if you have one, you have to each the plate every day so that it would not smell. If you don’t have that and have the regular soil, the soil ill soak the urine and creates lumps. It has to be taken out each day so that it would not produce the odor.

You have to clean the poop and urine each day with the help of scoopers which allows separating the potty from the soil, and the tiny holes in the scooper enable the excess soil to drop out from it, without wasting a lot of dirt.

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