The World’s Best Easy Card Trick

The best card trick in the world that can be done. Not only because it requires technique and elements of the cartomagia but because it generates great impression and admiration in the public.

If we all love magic it is because it has the fantastic property of returning us in a matter of seconds to our earliest childhood, no matter how old we are.

With a deck of cards you can do many things, from playing poker to building a castle, what many do not know is that they also have the ability to tell stories or even make spectacular predictions. Let’s start telling you the world’s best easy card trick:

Give a spectator a deck to mix it with. When you return it and, with the excuse of looking for the wild card to remove it, memorize the second, third and fourth letters starting at the top. Mix on the table by browsing without changing the position of the four top cards.

Ask the viewer to cut, making two packages. Announce that you are going to choose one of the packages and invite him to point one. If you point to the bottom pack of the deck, set it aside; if you point to the superior, ask him to hold it.

Card Tricks
Card Tricks

In any case, the viewer must keep the superior package Instruct him to take the top card of his package, insert it in the middle and do the same with the lower card; then you should take the top card and leave it on the table face down. Ask him to hand out the next two letters to both spectators.

Now proceed to guess the cards by reading the thought, interpreting the pulse or any other method. After that, a spectator mixes any deck and returns it to you. Push back approximately half of the deck with the top end of a pencil. Ask a viewer to take the top card from the package below and remember it.

When placing the upper edge package to place it on the other and square it, look at your lower letter; in this way you can find out the spectator’s letter by quickly passing the cards to you: the chosen card will be the one that is just below the one you just saw. Perform divination in the most surprising way you know.

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You can greatly reinforce the effect if you let the spectator mix in the hands, which does not represent a great danger that the two cards are separated. Make one or several spectators shuffle thoroughly. Retrieve the cards and look among them the lady of clubs, the most gossipy of all and, while you are passing letters, extend the first four and remember them.

To learn them, repeat their values first, for example, 4, 7, 3, 6 and remember it in pairs, that is, forty-seven, thirty-six, and then, the initials of the suits, for example, TDCP, for clubs, Diamonds, hearts and spades. With practice, you can get to learn four cards just by taking a look.

Best Card Tricks
Best Card Tricks

Ask a viewer to distribute the cards face down in four piles. Push the lady of clubs under one of the piles for a moment and then press it to her ear “to tell you” the name of the letter she has seen and repeated it out loud. Do the same with the lower cards of the other three heaps.

When taking the deck out of its case, look at the top two cards; let them fall back into the case and take out the rest of the cards. Write on a sheet of paper the name of these two letters. Double the prediction and give it to a spectator. Ask a spectator to mix the deck, cut and deliver one of the packages.

Insert this package in the box by separating with the thumb in one corner of the cards and, putting this corner first, make the two cards that are already in the box are in the middle. Take the other pack and deal a row of four cards face down.

When you distribute the next two, give the names of the two prediction cards and do not show them. Finally, he correctly names the fourth letter and this time allows the public to see it.

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