Creative ways to increase organic engagement on your Instagram and Facebook post

There is no alternate of paid Facebook advertising. It not only juice up your posts by providing engagements in the form of likes, comments and shares but also increases your reach rapidly. Albeit, organic engagement is everyone’s golden boy and we all love to get it.

Though you can always buy Instagram followers or do any other paid marketing stunts, however, organic engagement is the last resort for everyone either on Instagram or Facebook posts.

To gain organic engagement and keeping it in your every post is may be the job of specials but their ways are ordinary yet creative. If you are a young aspirant of social media marketing and want to get more and more organic engagement to satisfy your clients or shine up your online business then reading next lines are important for you.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to list down few of the most creative ways from social media marketing professionals that can increase organic engagement on your Facebook posts.

Content is always a king

It doesn’t matter if you are using any means of digital marketing, the status of content remains the same. The uncrowned king of social media marketing can do the same wonders for you on platforms like Facebook and Instagram which you can only get when you buy Instagram likes. Using impeccable content which is not only creatively driven but engaging too can help you a lot in increasing your engagement.

Supportive Visuals

A king is not a king without its queen. In the same way, content cannot work without supportive visuals. You have to support your words by adoring it on precisely chosen visuals. Sometimes, pictures alone can do a lot. We all have heard that a picture is worth of thousand words and it is completely true on social media. Pictures have been proved more attention-grabbing than simple text and give you more recall value too.


Timing, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of getting more organic engagement on Facebook and Instagram. You can either figure out at which time your target market would use social media or you can also check this in the “insights” section of page management. It helps you in getting more eyes to your post and give you every possible chance to increase organic engagement on your posts.

Do not sell all the time

The biggest iron of social media marketers is that the audience always looks for something entertaining and clients always want to sell their products. You cannot pile up your Facebook page with one post on another with only one approach of selling. The biggest point of the social media marketing is to entertain people first and then come up with your product. If you are missing it then there are very few chances you are getting for you to get organic engagement on your post. Start your page with some light-hearted humorous and entertaining posts and then slightly indulge your products or service in it, you will surely the magic of this trick.

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