Classy-Cum-Durable Solid Wood Cabinets that Deserve a Place in Your Kitchen

These days, when it comes to buying kitchen cabinets, what most of the people do is that they either purchase the ones made of particle board or PVC. Do you know why? Well, it’s because cabinets made of particle board or PVC is absolutely low-priced. But being a kitchen designer, I would like to give you one suggestion, always try to purchase the ones made of solid or hardwood.

Yes, I know that solid wood cabinets are more expensive than the ones made of particle board or PVC; but trust me, purchasing them is going to be worth it as they are more durable and robust when compared to the other two materials mentioned above. Oh, wait! There’s another massive advantage of purchasing wooden cabinetry and that is, it would increase the value of your home a few notches higher. Isn’t that great? So, waste no more time and immediately purchase kitchen cabinets that are made of solid wood.

Now, when you visit a kitchen cabinet wholesaler, you’ll come across numerous wooden cabinets. And believe it or not, it’s going to be very difficult for you to make a choice because all of them look stunning. That is why, it is always wise to do a bit of research prior purchasing wooden cabinets. What? Don’t have enough time to research about the types of wood cabinets available and which one is the best among the rest? Well then, you have landed on the right blog because here, I’m going to mention about two kinds of hardwood cabinets which are currently “in demand” and you wouldn’t regret purchasing either of them.

So, just read on!

Maple Cabinets

Do you want to purchase a wooden cabinet that would not only make your kitchen look appealing but remains intact as well for years to come? If yes, then maple cabinets would be your right choice.

Maple cabinets are not just popular for being robust and attractive, but also for another reason that is their versatile nature. Yes, that’s right! Cabinets made of maple wood are absolutely versatile because they are suitable for all types of kitchens – be it traditional, rustic or the modern ones. So, you don’t have to think twice whether they are going to complement your kitchen’s overall style and theme or not.

Additional Info: These cabinets are generally white to creamy-white in color, with a little bit of occasional reddish-brown tones on the cabinet door panel. But, since maple wood is easy to paint, you can apply a color of your choice on it. For instance, if you want your kitchen to look spacious, choose the polar white color. And for giving your cookhouse an “oh-so-classy” look, paint it black.

Walnut Cabinets

If you are looking for solid wood cabinets that are appealing as well as absolutely easy on your pockets, then go for walnut cabinets. They are as beautiful as the maple ones.

Just like the maple cabinets, the ones made from walnut wood also have smooth and fine grains on it, but in a straight alignment. And the color of those grains ranges from deep chocolate to light reddish-grey brown. Oh! There’s another good news for you; these cabinets accept finishes as well, just like the ones made of maple. Hence if you want to paint them according to the color of your choice, then go ahead. But, I would suggest keep it natural only because they look really awesome without any paints or finishes.

And if you keep them well maintained, it can remain in its best condition for years (at least 6 years).

Additional Info: Cabinets made of walnut wood mellow with age; which means the wood tends to become lighter in color with age, creating a different and beautiful look for your kitchen’s interior.

Now that you know it all, what are you waiting for? Make a decision and visit a reputed store to purchase either of these two solid wood cabinets. And yes, do not buy a hardwood cabinet that doesn’t come with one year’s warranty.

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