How to Choose the Best Electric Wax Warmer? – Guide

If you are looking Best Electric Wax Warmer and wondering how to pick the best one then you are at the right place.

Here in this article you will know  how to choose the best electric wax warmer.

Do not want to go to the beautician to have a smooth and beautiful skin, free of hair? You can invest in a wax heater to get a professional result in your bathroom. But beware, a wax heater is not chosen in any way, you have to take certain criteria into account.

Electric Wax Warmer

There are different hair removal techniques, but best electric wax warmer is undoubtedly the one that allows you to remove hair quickly while keeping your skin soft and hydrated. Unfortunately, many of us decided to shave, thinking that the wax is only for use in a beauty institute and that it is not suitable for domestic use.

This is obviously a mistake, because thanks to these wax heaters with their ergonomic and compact design, you can achieve a professional result in your bathroom very easily. Keep in mind that there are 3 types of wax heaters:

Roll-on wax heater

Roll-on wax heater

Practical and easy to use, it is the ideal solution if you want to wax your hair easily and also maintains the same temperature from the beginning to the end of the session.

Electric wax heater

Hygienic and high performance, the electric wax heater allows high quality waxing. It has an adjustable thermostat to regulate and control the temperature at any time. It also allows to check the rest of the wax in the tank, which can be reused in the next session. This device is also a way to avoid waste and save money.

Duo wax heater

It is an innovation that allows to combine an electric wax heater with its tank and a roll-on wax heater. It offers 2 types of hair removal that allow to alternate between the two, depending on the part of the body to be plucked.

The wax heater you are going to buy should be designed in an ergonomic and practical way, that is, you should be able to use it simply from your bathroom without complications or burns.

Therefore, when choosing an electric wax heater, make sure it has a protective cover to prevent accidents, for example, that the tank is deep enough (minimum 400 ml).If you opt for the roll-on, make sure they heat up quickly and have enough autonomy for convenient wireless use. If you are a beginner in waxing, we recommend that choose a device from a recognized brand that does not cause problems. This is a key point if you want to avoid bad times with the passing of the weeks.

The power of the heater is an element that can make the balance tilt in favor of one model or another; Therefore, the higher the power, the faster the wax will be heated and evenly. It is very important that, if it is going to be used constantly, the wax melter will exceed 100 watts of power to warm and melt the wax in a matter of minutes. A lower power could lengthen the process much longer.

When buying a wax heater for a beauty salon or aesthetic it is necessary to make sure that it exceeds 300 ml capacity, because it must be able to generate wax for many sessions a day, Also, check the warm-up time that should be relatively quick: 15-30 minutes, no more.

The hair removal kits in which there is an electric wax heater and the essential accessories provided in the package for a complete hair removal. In this way, you will have all the basic material at your fingertips for a quality hair removal. As for the warranty, for appliances, it would be a good idea to choose guaranteed wax heaters for at least 1 year.

Each hot wax machine is accompanied by various accessories that may be essential for its operation. That is why you should check what comes inside the box before making the purchase. Spatulas and other tools for quality hair removal come into play here.

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