How to Clean Carpet – Best Way to Get Stains Out of Carpet

The carpets have become a decorative item found in every household. When you have small children, sometimes it is difficult to keep them intact, because they play and tend to soil them. The carpets not only protect the floor and give warmth but also dress the house and make it cozier.

Precisely for that reason, you have to pamper them and take care of them so that they stay perfect. With these cleaning tricks to do at home, you will leave your carpets without marks or spots, and you can save good money. You do not have or your vacuum has been damaged but you need to clean your carpet.


A carpet that has not been taken care of, cakes and frays, being able to cause the occasional home accident. We present several ways to keep your carpet clean and perfect. It is true that using the vacuum cleaner is the simplest and fastest way to clean this decorative element, but, whether due to lack of space or budget, not all of us have one of these appliances at home. Therefore, we bring you some tricks to clean the carpet without having to vacuum.

Carpets are very nice, fun and love both children and our pets. That is why we must take special care to wash them more often and take care that these synthetic strands do not fall off. They could be eaten by our dogs, or younger children, and have a serious problem. For making the carpet stain free we have mentioned some methods which will surely help you with more methods click here:

White Vinegar

The purpose why we’re going to use white vinegar to get stains out of the carpet is due to the fact this product is good for cleaning, germ removal, and disinfection. Do no longer be afraid that the scent of vinegar will stay after cleansing, as it will no longer be like that. The instant it dries, the odor will volatilize.

The portions that we have were given placed are for a carpet of common size. But, you yourself can calculate the amount you need. It isn’t always about “soaking” the carpet absolutely, however approximately spraying it over.

For this, the first factor we are able to do is cling it somewhere outside perfectly, if you have a balcony or a terrace it would be better. If not, search for a room where you can open the home windows and cling the carpet so that it can provide you with the air.

White Vinegar

Hit it with a poker to eliminate the dirt, the hair, and the small gadgets of garbage or dirt you may have. Then, blend the white vinegar and water in a twig bottle and spray the carpet with this practice. Subsequent, you simply ought to allow it dry.

Allow it come up with air approximately 3 hours. After washing to make it bad smell free take 250 g of salt. The amount is approximate since the ideal is that you can sprinkle the entire surface of the carpet with table salt.

It will be interesting to know that salt is great not only to eliminate “rebellious” odors but also to remove moisture stains. For this, the first thing we will do is spread the carpet and, as we have indicated before, sprinkle with salt. The next step is something more complicated.

You should go rolling it little by little so that it is very close and with hardly any spaces. Let him act for a whole day. Afterward, you will only have to use the vacuum cleaner to take away all the traces of salt, dirt and bad smell.

Moreover, by the use of vinegar, an iron, a little water, and bottle that can be filled and has a spray and a clean cloth. Make a mixture of 2 cups of water with 1 of vinegar in a bottle with spray.

This mixture sees you on the spot. Wet the rag and put it in the place where the solution with vinegar was placed. Keep the iron in the steam position for a minute or so. If the stain persists, it will have to be maintained longer.

The idea is to bring the iron closer to the mark so that the steam softens the hair of the matted fabric and gets up again. Then, you just have to pass a soft brush and it will look like new. If you want it not to happen again in the future, rotate your carpets 180 degrees every so often. In this way you will avoid the stains on the carpet always falls on it.

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