Best Skateboards Review In 2023

Although it is still rare to see people with this means of transport, it is becoming more and more common. It is being the flagship product in the world. Its usefulness as much as to get faster in our trips, as its use for recreational purposes makes buying a skateboard is a very interesting option.

Although there are devices that help you move comfortably around the city, such as a bicycle, it does not match in size or practicality that can be an electric skate. Therefore, if you want to know more or you are thinking of buying a skateboard, you have reached the right place. The price is always one of the most important aspects when making any purchase.


In the case of the skateboard, the range is very varied. Moreover, when evaluating a skateboard, whatever type it is, it is convenient to evaluate the materials of its manufacture in order to verify that these adapt to what we need.

This depends largely on the type, quality, and model. Therefore, before continuing with your search it would be interesting to determine the mention aspects.

As you have seen it is difficult to select a model with the best quality since this will largely depend on the utility you are going to give. The best for children is not the same as the best for long journeys. Therefore, from TechyBeasts we have made a selection of the best of each type.

1. Powell-Peralta Dragon Flying Skateboard:

This skateboard, although it seems complicated, is very easy to handle. Just go up and support both feet. Of course, if it is the first time you will need time to master its use to perfection. In the front, this skateboard has the shape of 126 with One Corp skate.

It can walk on inclined surfaces, as long as they have the length of 31.625″. A special feature is that when the skate rolls and identifies the degree of inclination greater than 35º, it stops when you like to do.

In addition, it is a silent vehicle that respects the environment. The skateboard Powell-Peralta Dragon Flying Skateboard is an attractive renewal of the model of always, with the quality and the elements necessary to continue enjoying as in accordance with the new times.

2. Habitat Avian Eclipse Skateboard:

The product has Full grip tape, with the flexibility and resistance necessary to move safely. Something that also helps their axes with built-in damping and the 52mm wheels that give greater stability to the whole when moving.

A stability that does not lose quality thanks to the Habitat wheels of high quality, with which to better overcome any pothole, perform jumps and all kinds of stunts. It is a Perfect product for those who prefer a traditional skateboard.

It is very resistant and durable model that can be used by people who are beginning to be interested in the world of skateboarding. The robustness and joints of this skateboard allow you to support loads of up to 150 kilograms of weight so that it can be enjoyed by men and women.

The upper face has a custom graphic that helps improve the traction of the feet for the great look with the stability during the tours. It presents some measures of 31 x 8 x 4 inches and has a weight of 4.89 pounds, which facilitates its storage and transportation so that you can take it wherever you want.

3. Toy Machine Fists Skateboard:

If you are already a certain age, surely you have had a skateboard with a plastic or resin board. A model that today has evolved and continues among us so that we can maintain these feelings in our days.

The Toy Machine Fists model is a skateboard with measures 8.5″ x 32.25″ with a 14.38″ wheelbase. A product that is based on 14.35” wheels and best bearings that offer a quality glide in any circumstance.

It is a quality product with an adjusted price that in view of the ratings of users could well be the best skateboard by market quality-price ratio. The Toy Machine skateboard has been one of the best that we find in the market, which also makes them, together with its design, ideal for the smallest of the house.

4. Lib Tech MC VW Cruiser Skateboard:

A model of 63mm 80A Durometer wheel and with a base of high quality that supports up to 80 kilos of weight. This material is also present in the wheels, which give an adequate resistance to use during the tours.

5. RIMABLE Skateboard:

It has a compact size and is very easy to transport to go to the park or wherever you want. The wheel has a super smooth PU that helps to improve traction for better balance and stability.


The above mention best skateboards have a table of variable dimension and a good resistance depending on the different models, to give you the best sensations during your walks.

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