Best running shoes for men under $100

Staying in shape and keeping yourself healthy is of the greatest importance. An individual should spend at least 30 minutes a day to make sure they burn the extra calories to get rid of toxins and unwanted chemicals such as cholesterol, fatty acids, and other synthetic build ups. It is not necessary for you to hit the gym every day in order to stay fit. All you need to do is taking a run in the park, do some stretching and you are done for the day. For a nice and a productive run which will not prove to be harmful in the future for your joints, you need a good pair of running shoes. There are many people who do not want to invest a lot in buying a pair of running shoes but still, wish to have a decent pair. Here is a list of the running shoes which can be bought under $100. They are not only affordable but they are effective and comfortable too.

Minzo Men’s Wave Rider 21

The shoes are known for the soft padding, light-weight, and durability. The upper area of the shoe is made of mesh which gives the sock-like feeling. The mesh material also increases the comfort and the breathability of the shoes. You can use the DSW coupons to avail discounts on the pair of shoes. The pair can be purchased at $80. These shoes are available on the DSW website.

Brooks Men’s Launch 5

This pair is a steal deal for $80. The shoe is made with the 3D Fit Print technology. This means, that the shoe does not have a rigid design. It will fit according to the shape of your feet. Moreover, the shoe has a stretchable top which is a must for the long run. The stretchable top allows your feet to relax as it does not have to move according to the rigid top. The shoe uses the mesh and the cushion which makes the shoe comfortable and breathable.

Nike Men’s Air Zoom with Winflo 5

Nike is known for the footwear it creates especially when it comes to the sportswear. Air Zoom Winflo 5 is an option available if you are looking for a lightweight pair of shoes and an extra bounce while running. The shoes are most suitable for people who are prone to knee pain. The shock is absorbed by the shoe grip thus, keeping the knee from getting the jerks. The outsole is made with the waffle pattern which keeps the grip on the ground with any kind of terrain.

Skechers Men’s Go Ride 7

Skechers has been gaining huge popularity amongst the people who are looking to buy the running shoes which have an extremely soft cushioning. The top of the shoes uses the knitted fabric which provides a breathable environment for your feet. The knit fabric also makes the shoe stretchable, soft and durable. Besides the knit fabric, the gazetted tongue of the shoe increases the comfort and the breathability. The outsole is light and keeps your feet energized at all times because of the low energy utility. The pair of Skechers Go Ride can be bought at $85.

Reebok Men’s Fast Flexwave

For the ones who are looking to buy an affordable yet durable, comfortable and trendy pair of sports shoes, this is the option. The upper part of the shoe is made of 8 different fibers. These fibers vary in thickness, strength, and flexibility. The fibers ensure breathability, and along with that, the comfort, durability, and weightlessness required during the runs. The insole of the shoes is made of the memory foam for ultra-soft cushioning and comfort while running or walking. The shoes can be bought at $57.

Tesla Ultra-Lightweight Running Shoes

This pair of shoes is designed by Tesla especially for the fans of the rocky terrains. The shoes are designed in such a way that they prevent the abrasions from the rocky surface. The abrasions and the shoe bites are common while running on the harsh surfaces. Moreover, the shoes are made with such a material that they dry quickly. So, even if you step in the puddle of water or run through the stream, you do not have to worry about the shoes getting wet. This pair of shoes can be purchased at $14.

Under Armour Men’s Speedform Intake 2

This pair of Under Armour shoes is not only durable and affordable but it makes a great option for the breathable and stretchable shoes too. The feet remain fresh and odor-free regardless of the distance you cover while running. The collar of the shoe is well-cushioned for added comfort. The insole of the shoe is soft and meshed thus removing the possibility of the bad odor. There are nine shades of the shoes available and can be purchased at $75.

New Balance Cruz 2 Fresh Foam

This is a new arrival in the collection of New Balance Sports Shoes. This pair of shoes is not very gaudy but at the same time, it is subtly stylish along with the comfort and durability. The New Balance shoes are known for the comfortable and the light-weight shoes. The outer material is the knit fabric for maximum breathability. The insole is made of mesh and sufficient padding for cushioning and keeping the feet odor-free.

Asics GT-1000 6

The shoes have been designed with the sole purpose of eliminating the foot odor which is imminent after a long run. The shoes use the ComforDry technology which uses the inner sock that can be removed and washed separately. The sweat of the feet is removed by the perspiration micro-pores which are funnel-shaped. The mesh design on the top makes the shoe even more breathable and comfortable.

Nike Men’s Free Run

As the name suggests, this is the line of shoes launched by Nike especially for running. The shoes are recommended for the beginners who use the shoes for light running and keeping themselves fit. The insole is soft enough to be used on the harsh surfaces. Moreover, it is breathable and durable for it to be used for a long time.

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