Best Painting Tools Review In 2018

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You’re up to the nose to see that old-fashioned color on the wall but just thinking that you have to put paint makes you want to run. It is a task that you have been postponing week after week. with your bold idea of painting with yourselves, you must take into account several keys to achieve a professional result, because it is not just about applying paint along the length and width of the walls, but it has to do with more with expertise, be methodical and have the best tools to paint.

Painting tools

Some paint less dent repair tools, while some of them focused on the details that are undoubtedly importantbecause once we get to difficult parts such as corners or plugs we need to apply and not do the job in a hurry.

Painting yourself on your own means saving labors, which is undoubtedly the most expensive part of the job, but it is important to have the best tools. Next, the best tools which will help you while painting:

Rollers to paint

They are the main protagonist when it comes to painting large surfaces, so you undoubtedly have to get one (or several) of them. Ceilings and walls need a good roller that allows us to move quickly and homogeneously. In addition, to reach the roofs you just have to adapt an extension, which may well serve the broomstick.

Moreover, for Painting corners and making cuts of different colors is one of the most difficult tasks that you face when you paint. To be fairly good you have to pull the bodybuilder’s tape, wait for it to dry on one side and continue with the other after several hours.

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Come on, it’s easier to decipher the enigma of the Sphinx. For easy work here’s the solution you need a mini-roller trimmer! It is one of those tools to paint that you cannot miss in your painting kit.

Rollers to paint
Rollers to paint

It is a special roller that includes a support that abuts the wall in such a way that the impregnated paint roller never touches the wall next to it.Forget about placing bodybuilder tape and walking around staining corners, ceilings or skirting boards.

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You can find the trimmer roller in two different widths the 4 cm ideal for narrow areas or 10 cm.

There are more types of other rollers according to your need which includes a foam which is mostly used for many surfaces and is used for applying synthetic paints, moreover it includes a wool material roller which is mainly used for applying plastic paints, a radiator long and thin which is used behind the radiators or in the places which are difficult to paint and an electric roller which saves our time and effort because it contains its own independent tank that pumps paint to the roller.


Although the roller is one of the tools to paint that we will use more for all surfaces, having a flat and wide brush can be another good option, in addition to others more specific to those areas where we find obstacles: doors, windows, plugs or switches, etc. For the corners, we can use a triangular head brush.

Brushb to paint
Brushb to paint

For places with difficult access, an elongated handle or radiator brush. And for those areas near doors and windows, a palette brush or beveled. These are economic and useful tools that should not be missing in our painting kits.

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The bucket, either plastic or metal, is the great classic, although there are also buckets, easier to handle and where draining is easier to make.


To the cubes, it is convenient to add a grid to drain the paint correctly.

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Paint gun

Paint gun
Paint gun

The quality of this tool is supreme because it provides a magnificent finish thanks to the fact that it sprays a layer of paint on a regular basis; although it is mostly used for garden fences, baseboards, furniture, doors, etc.

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