Best Movies to Watch this Weekend

If you have still not planned your weekend time then it is the time to watch these best movies this weekend! Do not forget to share your feedback that how much you liked these blockbuster and cinematic movies.

It is you who have decided that these movies do deserve a nod and a standing ovation. You can call these movies as awards-season darlings. Here is the list of movies which shall transform your weekend time utmost amazing.

Movies to Watch this Weekend

So, hurry up, grab your popcorns and watch all these movies which we have recommended to you. Just to give you an idea, we have Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, A Star is Born, Escape Room, The Vanishing, Cold War in the list for you. You can even check out the source of movies123 to have updated details on the blockbuster Hollywood movies.

Escape Room

How about watching Escape Room, this film is another option which you should watch over this weekend. This movie is all packed up with tight and fun thrilling elements. By watching this movie, you will notice an increasingly wobbly and fine line right between reality and unreality.

The viewers will get thrilled and excited to watch a bunch of paranormal activities in this movie. Its art direction job is done in a pleasantly surprising way. You will love the entertaining script of this film and its storyline will be able to jolt you out from the winter blues.

A Star is Born

This one is also a pretty great movie which you can watch on a Saturday night time. It is for a good reason that we have recommended this movie to you. This is the directorial debut of Bradley Cooper and in this film, he has managed to come out all in the swinging form as Jackson Maine.

Spider Man: Into The Spider Verse

Spider Man Into The Spider Verse

This is the perfect movie which should be watched this weekend for sure by you. It is one of the first one non-Disney and Pixar animated movies so far. Do watch this superhero movie which is worthy enough for all age genders.

This film actually got the Best animated film trophy as well. This film has managed to make a whole and entire new attempt for you while translating the comic book reading experience to the cinematic screen. By watching this movie, you will call its effects all kinetic.

The Vanishing

It is one of the thriller movies which is exceptionally recommended to the individuals who are specifically interested in watching thrillers all the time. The storyline of this movie has been dramatized in such a way that it revolved around three lighthouse keepers. This movie is exceptionally and phenomenally well-made. All actors performances in this film are depicted in a great way and by watching this thriller movie, you will be able to read the human psyche clearly.

Cold War

Cold War

This film got the award and appreciation as the Best foreign language film. This is a love story which is all told through the depiction and display of songs. The storyline of this film is based on the parents own love story of the director of this film who is Pawel Pawlikowski. This movie displays the hardship shadows which later on threaten this love story.

The Favourite

This is a truly wonderful movie because, in this film, you will be seeing three huge of all performances from these three Oscar nominees. Olivia Colman has given one of the astonishing performances and Rachel Weisz has come out in an exceptional avatar in this movie. This movie is going to hold down its viewers and watchers with the screen until its last scene.



This is a worth seeing film on the condition if you really want to see the transformation of Christian Bale into Dick Cheney. According to the critics, Christian Bale has nailed this character, his chilling half smile will steal the attention of every single viewer. This is the kind of performance which you should watch this weekend.


The list of best, Oscar-nominated, blockbuster movies can go on and on! We have shared this list with you and we hope that you will immensely love these movies. So, for your upcoming weekend, grab as many popcorns as you can, invite your friends, set up your theater room and get the complete collection of the above-mentioned movies.

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