Best Investment options in India

Are you still thinking about where to invest? Well, you have the right to do so. You do not want your money to go wasted. The good going of your business lies in your hands. Your plans, ideas, and implementations of business are the determining factors of every business growth. However, there are many small business ideas that you can think about before investing in a particular business.


Well, how much time do you spend online? Pretty much? If you are you creative enough, why not do something that will give you money? As the internet takes over, here are a few best investment options in India that you can do online as a hobby and earn money from.

Use social media sites as platforms

Social media sites are playing a great role in distributing job opportunities to millions of people. Thousands of people use the internet as a platform to show their creativity and talents. The best thing is that you can take up any project that you want and you are best at. And, this kind of business does not require a lot of investment.

Sell Creative Products Online

If you like making creative products, you can use online as a platform and sell them. You can do online promotion by uploading your work on the best social media platforms. If your products catch an eye of someone who needs your work, you are likely to be hired. Creative products include crafting, beauty tutorials, do it yourself (DIY) products etc.

Sell old products online

Selling online does not only mean that you should set up a shop and keep stocks of products; nowadays, people are using social media platforms to buy and sell products. If you are tired of using your old items why not sell them online and make some profit out of the things that you are about to throw?

Publishing House

In India, there are a number of new evolving companies. Many organizations these days are in need of freelancers who will write for their business plans, website contents, brochures or any kind of a content. If you have a notch in this area, you can set up a publishing house and hire a few writers initially. This can be one of the best investment options that you can take up. And, side by side you can do online promotion by using social media as a platform to advertise your work.

Some profitable business ideas during Monsoon seasonSmall business ideas

Other Investment Options that involves funds and investments

When we also talk about investment what comes into our mind is money and fund. There are many best online investment sites and we may have also come across online promotion ads showcasing several types of investment avenues; to mention a few,

Direct Equity

This can be risky, but when you know how to value stocks and time in the market; it can give you high returns than any other asset.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are such assets which are designed for common men. For investors with limited knowledge, time or money, mutual funds can provide simplicity and other benefits.

Real Estate

This is one of the investment options that you can consider. The benefits of a real estate investment is that there is cash flow especially if you involve in rental properties; enjoy tax benefits, get a loan pay down etc.


The value of Gold is always stable; it can go up with time especially during economic stress but its value will never go down. To be more precise, when the stock market is going down, commodities like gold and silver are increasing in value.

Other sectors investments


Economically, tourism in India is important and currently, it is growing faster than ever. Due to the increase in the number of tourists coming and visiting the country, natives who are interested in investing in this sector should take this as a good advantage. Investing in hotels and tourist spots can help bring enormous benefits.


As India is a prominent automotive manufacturer and exporter of automotive products, there is an increasing opportunity for investment in this sector. There is also a highly optimistic expectation continuing for growth in this industry in the near future.

So, there, are the few investment options in India that you can ponder before you take up any. Always remember before investing in any project, examine the market demands properly.

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