How to Become a Team Leader Quickly

You can remain as a team member for more than a decade. It is an easy job; but to sustain as a team leader for ten months is a challenge. Yet, if you make it, the rewards are aplenty. And there is always the joy of contributing to the progress of the company via your team.



Are you working in a start-up? Does your company provide doorstep handyman services and software solutions to customers? Or do you work in any other sector? DO you want to become a team leader in a short time? Then you have come to the right place. This article is for you. Or do you have a friend who harbors a similar ambition? Then please share this article with him/her so that they can succeed in their careers.

There is a myth among tech professionals. If they outperform their colleagues in hard work, they can become a team leader. But, it is far from truth. In fact, the job description needs more than technical skills. To succeed in career you need 15 percent technical knowledge. But more important is people skills (85 percent).

If you want to move further in your career, it is advisable to let the management know of your desire. Also prepare and groom yourself for the title role.

  1. Groundwork

Prior to approaching the management, it is vital that you prove your interest in growing beyond the present role. Never miss any professional meetings of the team. Always voice your opinion about any positive recommendations in a project. Also ensure you stay updated in your technical field. All these activities will confirm the management that you are grooming your skills. In case of a technical problem in your project, stretch your working hours to assist the manager.

Gather information of any training opportunities in the company, and announce your participation. Ensure you join a program related to your present job.

  1. Understanding Of The Team Leader Role

There is a huge difference between a team leader’s job and the work of an individual contributor. If you are aiming for the team leader role, then it is vital to understand the job description of your company.

You can talk with the current team managers about the skills and challenges of a team leader. Then you can frame the plans. The rule is – You should know the type of person your manager is looking for to suit the position of a team leader.

  1. Initiative


If you feel prepared for the role, have a discussion with your team managers at their own valuable time. Do not wait for the quarterly or annual review. You request and set the time. In the conversation, you can mention points about the extracurricular activities. The question will definitely arise on your new responsibilities. This is the best time to showcase your skills. You should have prepared for the meeting beforehand. You should mention details such as “I have fixed that bug during the crucial times.”

Be smart to link your ascension with the company requirements. Always keep in mind the rule. Explain the benefits the company can gain from your knowledge and experience. Have details of the requirements and challenges faced by the company.

The meeting or conversation can end on a positive or negative note. But, do not get disheartened. Remember the proverb – failure is the stepping stone to success. You can term the conversation an excellent opportunity for receiving feedback.

In case of a negative feedback, please note that you have got a valuable report of your skills face-to-face. In a pleasant way, kindly ask the manager, if he/she sees a method to let you develop the required skills. Learning is always an on-going process. Promise your boss that there will be a positive contribution in the next three months.



A team leader in a company should always ensure that his/her team completes a project on time. Taken into account are the challenges and difficulties. Give your best every day and try to learn new technologies. Be prepared. The higher management will definitely give a chance to make use of your capabilities. All the best!

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