Types of Beard Combs & Why You Should Use Them? – A Guide

The time and effort men put to grow a healthy and attractive beard needs patience. After all the hard work, they deserve to show off a bit. It is in their qualities to hotshot a little about their overwhelming attributes. It is comparative in men everywhere throughout the world.

They show it in various habits some in discrete and some in a clear way. Beard is the part that anyone will notice at first. A beard provides certain grace and adds a charm to their personalities

. It can assist the men with looking better and have a strong appearance before anybody. This additionally hints at better quality and testosterone creation in the body. This may prompt higher certainty levels.

But all these things are possible only when your beard is well groomed and maintained. Now imagine, being all prep up for some fancy party. Everything is perfect but your beard.

If it’s not brushed or you didn’t comb it well, it would kill the whole charm of yours. So only you will be responsible for the consequences.

Types of Beard Combs

To maintain and settle down the tangled hair, you need a proper tool. Beard Combs is the best answer to this problem of yours. It would be perfect since you can convey it with you.

It will enable your facial hair to set in an appropriate way. If you choose a good quality comb, it will help you so much with managing the beard. They also provide advantages like controlling the frizz.

Also, hair follicle incitement, help to spread oil over the hair. This will make you look great and respectable before everybody. You can use a plastic brush too but combs designed for beards will bless your facial hairs in certain ways.

Types of Beard Combs

  • Wooden combs like that of Sandalwood are the most suitable ones. The natural scent is very calming. It’s very unwinding to smell its charming fragrance every day. It behaves as a massager, increasing blood flow. It provides even oil distribution also.
  • Cellulose acetate plastic is nothing like cheap plastic. It sways through your facial hairs, keeping them smooth. As it is free of toxic components, there are no harmful effects on hair follicles. By cutting acetic acid sheets, they make these combs. The edges slanted, adjusted, and cleaned. So that none of the teeth have minute rugged edges which shield the follicles from damage.
  • In contrast to modest plastic brushes, horn combs don’t trap electric charges. And hence don’t cause frizz when brushing your beard. Horns additionally contain keratin. It is a protein found in human hair and skin that shields epithelial cells from harm or stress.

Reasons to Use Them

Types of Beard Combs

Here are few reasons to consider using beard combs


The most basic reason to use any beard comb is to keep the beard untangled. No one will like to see his beautiful beard turned into a mess.

As you play with your hairs, you can play with your facial hair too. You can try styling them, setting different ways and so much more. But this is only possible when your beard is well combed.

Those with thick and beautiful beard sometimes face rashes or red spots. The reason is ingrown hairs. These small hairs can cause much trouble if not brushed well. They may start growing in a different direction, causing you a lot of pain.

But if you keep using specific beard combs, you can redirect those hairs. In this way, you will get rid of pain and irritation. And the proper growth will give a fuller look.

Blood Stimulator

Blood Stimulator

When you use a comb the bristles massages the hair follicles. When these follicles get stimulated, they control the ingrown hairs.

The blood circulation is also enhanced in that area which plays a huge role in increasing the growth rate.

When the blood carries nutrients to hair follicles, the hair becomes even strong. They become soft and shine add up, the length increases and your beard looks like a beautiful garden.

The bristles also act to pry out any hair that is thinking about getting to be ingrown.

Maintaining a strategic distance from ingrown hair is a key precept of a healthy beard. No one needs huge red zits all over because of their whiskers declining to birth a few strands.

Control Frizz

Never use a plastic comb. Your comb should be of wood, keratin, bone or even metal. The plastic combs cause frizz.

When you use a comb made of plastic, it generates static electricity. As a result, the hair will stand up and you’ll face more split ends. The static energy causes frizziness and that looks unappealing.

These plastic combs make hair dry and dull. The oil is not distributed throughout the length. But the wooden combs enhances the flow of blood.

It incorporates better oil circulation, so the hair becomes soft and there won’t be any frizz. It keeps the hair clean and smooth. Hence the growth rate is also enhanced.

Natural Oil Distributor

Natural Oil Distributor

Combs also help in the distribution of oils throughout the length. These combs allow the oil to cover each strand.

This helps to keep the whole hair delicate, solid, and hydrated.

The teeth can trim through the thick hair and get to your skin. Giving a superior oil coat and detangling than your fingers can give.

As soon as you end applying beard oil, brush with a comb to allow the oil to get in every corner.

As men work in harsh weather conditions, the beard may turn into a dry spot. Like in winters, it needs hydration to keep it from drying out.

So combs help to transport the oils to each follicle. As a result, the hair becomes smooth and growth rate also inclines.


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