8 Hair Removal Mistakes You Have Been Making

One of the common skin care practices includes the removal of unwanted hair. Both men and women have to remove the excess hair that grow on different parts of the body. There are many choices for unwanted hair removal. All hair removal methods have some benefit and drawback. This article discusses eight hair removal mistakes that people make.

Common Hair Removal Mistakes

The shaving is a common hair removal method in men. More and more women are now using razors to shave different body parts. Shaving is not a rocket science, but if we use the right method, we can save the skin from burns and cuts. Here are the common hair removal mistakes;

Mistake 1: You Use a Dull Blade

It is the case with many people around us that we use a dull blade. We keep using a blade for more than 10 shaves which is not good. We should twist the blade after 10 shaves.

Mistake 2: Thinking IPL is only for Fair Skin

It is an outdated concept that IPL treatment is for fair skinned people only. The latest IPL machines are able to adjust as per the color of the skin. Mean to say, a person with darker skin tone can also have it without fearing side effects.

Mistake 3: Not Hiding Skin Taut During Epilation

Do you hide skin taut during epilation? The skin should always be held taut during epilation as when the skin is held firm, there’s less tugging, which means less pain. So hide the skin taut during epilation.

Mistake 4: De-Fuzzing First Thing in the Morning

De-fuzzing is the first thing in the morning for many, but it is not good to do so. When you sleep, the legs swell and due to this reason, the hair appear shorter in when you get up. Consider removing the legs hair some other time.

Mistake 5: Removing Hair in a Hot Bath or Shower

It is common for women to remove the excess hair in a hot bath or shower. This practice is not efficient as the legs swell due to hot water and the legs hair appear shorter for the time being. It means, you will cut less than the expected length.

Mistake 6: Worrying about Removing Hair after Self-Tanning

Some people worry about removing the excess hair after self-tanning. Most hair removal methods will affect the flawless finish of your fake tan, however, epilation does not remove the top layer of the skin, so it would not affect your tan.

Mistake 7: Epilation or Waxing before, during, or after your Period

Some people epilate or wax the unwanted hair before, during, or after the periods. Epilation might be painful in the beginning. If you are looking for a time when it causes less pain, do it in the mid-cycle time.

Mistake 8: Waiting for Hair to Grow back between Epilating Sessions

Many people keep waiting for the unwanted hair to grow back between epilating sessions. You do not need to wait for the hair to grow to a certain length. Some efficient trimming machines can now remove the hair as short as 0.5mm. It means four time short hair than waxing.


We have discusses common hair removal mistakes. Avoid these mistakes for a good hair removal experience. If you are tired of getting cuts, burns and the pain, take Laser Hair Removal in Dubai for a painless and side effects free hair removal experience. If you need more information about it, please contact the nearest dermatologist.

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