7 Ways to Combine Skills and Technology to Oversee Your Business

There are many businesses that fail to reach the five year mark. Despite common belief, entrepreneurship is not just about that eureka moment where you get a revolutionary idea. Achieving entrepreneurial success requires a blend of skills that help you actualize your ideas and run your company efficiently.

Just because you do not have a business background, does not mean that you cannot become a successful entrepreneur. With advancements in technology and a great deal of innovation, there are many tools that can help you with different aspects of your business today. The following are some of them.


There are many processes that have to take place within a business to ensure products and services are delivered to clients efficiently. For this to happen, different departments of the company have to coordinate. It is therefore important that a business has effective communication channels that seamlessly link different departments.

A good tool to enhance communication within a company is the Intranet software. This tool helps keep people on the same page by simplifying the transfer of documents and communication whilst reducing IT costs. The Intranet software provides a centralized hub for valuable business information and at the same time eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing transparency. It can be tailored to suit the unique needs of your company.

Financial Management

Accounting can be a great challenge for growing companies. This is because many entrepreneurs lack the proper accounting knowledge and the business may not afford to hire an accountant. Though some founders may be ignorant of the importance of keeping proper records, it is an important aspect of running a business. Records show the health of the business and assist in monitoring its progress in relation to company goals.

Fortunately, there is an accounting tool developed by TW Accountants that will help you with the financial aspect of the business. Such tools assist in tracking inventory, expenses, and sales. By using such an application, you can save a lot of time which can be used to boost other areas of the business such as customer acquisition.

Planning and Project Management

We all know that failing to plan is planning to fail. For entrepreneurs, a simple error in planning or the lack of a clear plan can be catastrophic. Without planning, the business will not be able to develop efficient production, sales, and operations strategy. Without these elements, the company will not have a clear path of creating products and getting them to the market.

At any given point, businesses have ongoing projects aimed at growing the company. Some are short term and others long term. As these projects often overlap, It is easy for some projects to be overshadowed or delayed if they are not managed properly. Without proper planning and project management skills, a business cannot grow.


Networking is a skill that you should consistently try to improve as an entrepreneur. It enables you to make social and professional connections while acquiring information that can help improve your business. Networking has the following benefits:

• Helps you to generate referrals to new clients or suppliers

• Interaction with people in other industries can help you access opportunities you were unaware existed

• Developing professional relationships with prominent industry players will help build your reputation in the industry

• By interacting with others you will be able to learn from other peoples mistakes that will help speed up the growth of your company

Platforms such as Linkedin are great for networking and forming connections with like-minded people.

Sales and Marketing

Business is all about creating a product or service that people are willing to pay for. However, it is not that straight forward. You may have the best product in the market but still not be successful. This is because sales generation is a skill. In the early stages of your business, it will be up to you to convince the market your product is worth spending on. This may be easier as your business grows and the brand becomes a household name.

At whatever stage of your business, you cannot afford to ignore modern methods of marketing. social media can be a powerful tool to create brand awareness. It can give you access to millions of customers in just a few clicks. Social media is suitable for both micro-businesses and large corporations.

Talent Management

As your company grows, you will need to hire other people who have the skills that your business needs. The people you bring on board and how you vet them is crucial.

They need to not only bring value to the business but also to complement the rest of the team. It is important that you bring on team players and keep them motivated.

Even if you have a group comprised of individuals who are the best in their respective fields, they will not be useful if they are not performing. Also, you should invest in talent management tools that will help you build and increase employee and manager interaction.

Learning and Adapting

With innovations continually being unveiled, the way business is done is in a constant state of evolution. There are some innovations that can disrupt the industry. This means that as an entrepreneur, you should always be in the know concerning things that can affect your industry and business. You should also be dynamic enough to adjust to these changes and capitalize on them before other players in the industry.

To be able to do this consistently and successfully, you must be able to get this information as it unfolds. Luckily for you, this is the internet age. To give you an added advantage, you can register on content apps that relay news as it unfolds. Such apps allow you to customize your news feed to specific topics and niches related to your industry.

There are many things that determine whether a business will succeed or fail. Entrepreneurial and leadership skills will play an important role. However, there are several tools that will help you do the same more effectively. It is therefore important that you take advantage of such tools to grow your business.


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