7 Signs That your Home Might be Infested

There is nothing as annoying as seeing bugs running around your home. You wake up and see a cockroach in the kitchen sink or near the bathroom door; it’s one of those feelings that just automatically ruin your day. You might call an exterminator and have your home sprayed and fumigated to get rid of pests, but do you know that doesn’t guarantee that they will go away completely.

As seasons change, most pests and insects will find their way back to their warm hiding places inside your home. This is why it’s easier to notice an increased number of insects within your home during winter. Come fall, most of these pests come out of their hiding spots. Some migrate to other locations while others remain in your house. Another thing that could lead to insect infestation in your home is bad hygiene.

Many times, we may be too busy to actually realize that our homes have privately turned into infestation sites. Here are signs that you need to look out for if you want to know whether your house has been infested:

1. Tapping walls

If there are pests inside your home, it may be very hard for you to notice because they are always in hiding. This means that if you don’t do a thorough regular house check-up, you may never realize that you have a pest problem to take care of.

Take for example the tapping of walls that termites make as they eat away at any wood material used for structure and wall cladding purposes. If you hear constant tapping on the walls every night, it might be time for you to call pest control before the situation gets out of control. If left unchecked, the termites might increase in quantity and develop sizable colonies that can do extensive damage to your house.

2. Many Spiders

There are some people that are scared of spiders. This is because you can find the insects crawling on the walls at any time. It’s kind of creepy. But did you know that the presence of spiders could be a sign that you have a looming pest infestation?

Spiders eat smaller insects. If you don’t see the insects, it’s because the spiders are eating most of them. However, the spiders may not be around for too long. You’ll still need to call Building & Pest Inspections TPC to get rid of the small insects because the infestation could get ugly after the spider leaves.

3. Piles of Fish Scales

During the rainy season, many termite colonies begin their migration. After they reach a new nest, the termites usually shed their wings. Typically, their wings will look like fish scales and usually accumulate in small deposits. These piles might not necessarily mean that you have termites in your home, but could mean that they’re nearby and could end up in your house.

Early identification of a termite infestation could help save you a lot of time and money that would have been used to try to get them out. Therefore, once you see these wings near where you live, call the exterminator.

4. Mud Tubes on External Walls

Most pests usually move in groups. Being a part of the ant species, termites are smart in their way of operation and will protect their routes from predators and external weather elements.

The protective barriers are usually made out of dirt, mud, and saliva. This makes them hard and prevents them from being destroyed. Therefore, if you happen to see a muddy tube on your walls, it could be a sign that termites are already inside your house. Don’t try to destroy the mound because the termites would attack you. Call a professional and let them handle the matter.

5. Tiny Wood-Colored Pellets

Termites are vicious pests that can-do heavy damage on wood objects and surfaces if not detected in good time. The fact that they move in large groups and multiply fast makes them very hard to control.

Termites usually leave droppings as they move about. The droppings are referred to as frass and look like little wood pellets. Any sign of such could mean that there are already some termites that have settled in your house.

6. Particles that Look Like Sesame Seeds

More often than not, mice will leave small droppings that may look like black sesame seeds when dried up. In some cases, they may also appear like basmati rice. Mice that infest homes will most likely leave such particles inside cupboards or even behind kitchen appliances like a toaster.

If you see such droppings, just know that you have a mouse in your house. You can try using different pesticides to kill the mice. However, if the chemical ways don’t work, you can always try non-chemical ways such as setting up a mouse trap.

7. A Pile of Sawdust

There are times when you can go to the garage or yard and see perfectly drilled round holes in wooden objects. The interesting part is that you don’t remember making those holes. You ask your spouse or gardener if they drilled the hole, and they say that it’s not them. Now you’re worried because you have no idea who did that. But don’t worry it’s not a ghost.

As it so happens, your home could be under attack from carpenter bees. These insects don’t eat away at the wood, but only use it to create shelter. This is why you’re likely to see piles of sawdust near your deck. You have to call pest control and get rid of these insects because they can do extensive damage to your furniture and any other wood item that you may have laying around.


It’s important that you learn to detect any signs of pest infestation early before they multiply and become a problem that will cost you thousands of dollars to get rid of. Use the above signs to detect the presence of the most common house pests. Even though you could get rid of the pests yourself, you should call pest control because they know how to find the nests of these pests and destroy them. That way, the pests don’t come back for a long time.


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